I saw multiple Facebook posts this week that read, "2 years ago this was our last 'normal' week and no one knew it." Oof. So it was, back then, that unprecedented changes were made all over the world, and what we knew as community living drastically changed. Over those two years, we have lived through so much: COVID pandemic, a presidential election, the January 6 Capitol riot, too many deaths of friends and family, and now, we sit and watch as Russia attacks Ukraine.
Some of you have asked what can be done about supporting Ukraine and, in particular, those fleeing their home country. The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program continues to work with local churches in Ukraine to provide support - that can be one means of support. I also believe that contacting the Greensboro office of Church World Service could also be a good place to find out information on ways to help.

At the Mission Committee meeting last night, we talked about how, in one local neighborhood, flyers were distributed by a couple who owns the Fred Astaire Dance Studio here in Greensboro. The naturalized couple is from Ukraine and is heartbroken as they watch their home country under fire, knowing their family and friends are still there. They are collecting blankets, sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries, disposable diapers, warm clothing, and no perishable food to be sent to their home country by a humanitarian group in Raleigh. If you’re interested in donating those supplies, you may drop them off at the church and a Mission Committee member will ensure they are delivered to the studio on your behalf.
Sometimes, when it seems overwhelming and uncertain of where to start, I also encourage to start with prayer. Rev. Teri McDowell Ott, editor of The Presbyterian Outlook, offered the following prayer this week:
God of grace, have mercy. We’ve heard that the arc of the universe bends towards justice, but we watch the nightly news in horror and doom-scroll through the reports of bombs falling on innocent Ukrainians – mothers, children, babies in newborn intensive care, the frail and elderly, hunkered down in fear and danger in basements, subway tunnels and parking garages. Our hearts beat for Ukraine as we mutter our laments and groan over the atrocities, praying for the safety of the hundreds of thousands fleeing their homeland, and for those who remain to resist Russia’s attacking forces.

We go about our day’s work but return to our screens over and over to bear witness to the injustice, to face the harsh reality that we live in a world of evil and ego, of power-hungry men and the threat they pose. God-with-us, strengthen your peacemakers for this time. Encourage the Ukrainians in their resistance. Turn all hearts from destruction, domination and violence.

O God, in your loving purpose answer our prayers and fulfill our hopes. Give us the will to work for peace and for justice, for compassion, to be a balm in Gilead for your fractured world, for the sake of our savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
This Sunday, we will pray not only for those needing our prayers on the other side of the world, but also for many in our Fellowship Family who also need our prayers. We will continue our "Re:Lent" sermon series and reflect on the journey of Jesus as we do our own. I invite and encourage you to look at all of the announcements below and make sure to sign up where you need and mark your calendars as well - the FPC calendar is filling up, which is super-exciting!

I hope to see you on Sunday morning, if not before. I'll have a little bit extra caffeine to counteract that Daylight Savings Time change - don't forget to Spring Ahead!

Until Sunday,
Pastor Kathryn

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday.
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Speaking of workdays, a group of men from the group, The Navigators from the University of Virginia, came to the church earlier this week as a part of their Spring Break mission trip. Doing work in Greensboro, these men were ready to serve and do whatever we asked, including moving things from here-to-there! Filling the halls with joy and laughter, these men helped tackle closets in the Fellowship Hall and Preschool hallways, as well as the two outdoor sheds. Their hard work filled the dumpster to the brim and paved the way for more work to be done at our Spring workday on March 19. We can't thank them enough!
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Volunteer with Applewood, Backpack Beginnings,
and Greensboro Housing Authority!
Fellowship has started an ongoing partnership between Backpack Beginnings, Greensboro Housing Authority, and The Applewood Community. Please contact Mary Howe to sign up: maryhowe0712@gmail.com or call/text at 336-698-6541. Please click here to sign up. 
Wondering what to do with all of those grocery shopping bags? The Missions committee will be collecting “gently used” plastic grocery bags for Backpack Beginnings. Please bring any you don’t use to church with you, leaving them on the Missions table in the Dogwood Lobby closest to the double doors leading towards the classrooms.
Women's Bible Study Continues
The Spring installment of the Women's Bible Study continues.

The Study, Come to the Waters, by Judy Fletcher, was very well-received in the first night this past week. More participant books are on order at $8 each if you have yet to get your hands on a copy for yourself.

The remaining Spring meeting are on Tuesdays at 6:30pm on Zoom (March 15, March 22, and April 5).

For more information about the Bible Study or to indicate your interest in participating, please contact Mimi Carter or Jeanie Harrison.
Fellowship Presbyterian has online giving available through the Presbyterian Foundation.

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Choir rehearsals are taking place on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Sanctuary. All are welcome. Questions? Please contact Blake Tickle at btickle@fpcgso.com.
Prayer Concerns and Celebrations
  • Sarah Haack is recovering from a fall. Should you desire her new address, please contact the main office. Her phone number remains the same.
  • Marilyn Delafield underwent successful rotator cuff surgery on March 8.
  • Walt Nichols underwent successful knee replacement surgery on March 7.
  • Greg French requests prayers for the family of his sister-in-law, Megan French, including Greg’s brother, David. Megan passed away on March 8 after suffering a major health event March 6.
  • Terry Anderson share prayer requests for her coworkers: Sharon Odell and her husband Travis, who has a broken tibia & fibula with knee surgery on Wednesday; the family of Terry’s supervisor, Kim Hall, on the loss of stepson, William Pollock, from Mercy and Grace Ministry.
  • Prayers for John Fair, former organist here at Fellowship, whose has entered hospice care.
  • Phyllis King requests prayers for Lisa, her son-in-law's sister, diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Phyllis also requests prayers for her friend Mochita, who lost her 52-year-old husband to COVID. They have seven children.
  • Prayers for the country of Ukraine and those caught in the crossfire as the war continues.
  • Continued prayers for our church members: John Koppel, Mary Howe, Julian Bullock, Lea Groves, Donna, Katie & the Steele family, Nancy Baughman, Bruce Weaver, and Marjorie Van Horn.
  • Continued prayers for the family and friends of our congregation: Corky Summers (Donna Steele’s sister), Suzanne (Judy Meyler’s sister-in-law), Michael Boswell (friend of Peggy Koppel), Johnny Ziegler (Terry Anderson’s uncle), Sherry (Terry Anderson’s sister), Dennis (John Archambault’s cousin), Christy (daughter of Donna Steele’s friend), Todd Martinez (coworker of Gary Anderson), Katherine and Donald Bennett (Barbara Smith’s sister and brother-in-law), Kurt (friend of Fred Campbell), Felicia Schaps (Lindahl's daughter-in-law's mother), Teresa (Terry Anderson’s coworker), Ashley Long (Joel and Ann Long’s daughter-in-law), Joyce Berger (Kandee’s mother), Gwen Flowers & her family (Linda Ueland’s sister), Dorothy & Edward Archambault (John Archambault’s parents), Arch Gravely (Peggy Koppel’s cousin), Tim King family (Phyllis King’s son), Roger Eliason (Tye Wittmann’s coworker), Jenny George (Betsy Craver's cousin), Libby Ansel (Lesa Layno's sister). 

If you have any additional prayer concerns, please contact Linda Ueland (336-314-5481) or call Martha at the church (336-288-5177).

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March 13: Daylight Saving Time begins today. Remember to “Spring Ahead”
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  • 3pm: Handbell Rehearsal (Choir Room)
March 14:
March 15:
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March 16:
  • 7am: Men's Koffee Klatch (Panera Bread – Lawndale Location)
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  • 12 noon: Bulletin and Blast Deadline
  • 6pm: Choir Rehearsal
March 17:
  • 9am-12noon: Office Hours*
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March 18:
  • 9am-12noon: Office Hours*
  • 4:30pm – 6:30pm: Carlson Suzuki Studio in the Fellowship Hall
March 19
  • 8am-12noon: Pancake Breakfast and Church-wide Workday
March 20: 
  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (“Preschool” Classroom)
  • 9:30am: Worship – in-person (with masks), on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:45am: Adult Education Hour (Library)
  • 12:30pm – 5:30pm: Girl Scout Troops in the Fellowship Hall

*Martha Shannon is on vacation next week; office hours next week will be from 9am-12noon ONLY. Regular business hours will resume on March 21.