THANK YOU seems to be the theme that runs through my thoughts this week:

Last Saturday, eighteen people came to the church with a servant attitude and their favorite cleaning supplies to throw some elbow grease into the various rooms around the church. As I mentioned to them - with their hard work, the church now will look, to all newcomers, the same way those who have been here for years see it - a place where one can grow in faith, make memories, and strengthen friendships. THANK YOU to each of you who took time out of your weekend last week to do that.
THANK YOU to all of you who were able to complete the invitation to complete your Realm profile through the email you received. The online directory is currently the most up-to-date directory we have and, as of now, we will only be printing the directory on an as-needed basis. Starting April 1, all remaining families that are in the original printed directory who have not yet completed the online profile, but for whom we have information in the system, will be "opted in" for the online directory so it can be as current and thorough as possible.
THANK YOU to all who have supported the Pastor's Discretionary Fund. The ways that God is able to be at work through these funds to support both our Fellowship Family when facing unexpected hardships and those in the community who may be also experiencing the same.

THANK YOU to all who have already placed orders for Easter Lilies. A reminder: the deadline to order Lilies is Sunday - the link is below. If you miss the deadline for ordering lilies, donations can be made in honor or memory of loved ones to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

And finally, THANK YOU to all who have provided me feedback about this Re:Lent sermon series. As we march on (no pun intended) into the fourth Sunday in Lent, we will examine the word "re:concile" as it relates to a familiar gospel text.

Make sure to check out the important announcements below about many wonderful events in the upcoming weeks at FPC!

I hope to see you on Sunday morning!

Until then,
Pastor Kathryn
Sunday (Virtual) Worship Information

Sunday worship is in-person, but will continue to be available through Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube.

Worshipping via Zoom allows for worship participants to, at the least, see each other during worship, should a participant join through computer. Zoom also allows for worship participants to join by phone, should they not have access to a computer.

To join by phone, call: (646)558-8656

When you dial in you will be asked for a meeting ID number: enter 847 7231 7808The password is: 658602Depending on the time you dial in, you may not hear anything to start with. When the Prelude begins, you will hear audio.

To access worship by Zoom via computer, please click here.

(If you'd prefer to access the worship service through the Zoom website, please enter Meeting ID 847 7231 7808 - the password is: 658602.)

To access worship by Facebook Live, please click here.

To access worship by YouTube, please click here.

Don't forget - you can access this week's bulletin via the church's website or by clicking here.
To order lilies, click here.
Volunteer with Applewood, Backpack Beginnings,
and Greensboro Housing Authority!
Fellowship has started an ongoing partnership between Backpack Beginnings, Greensboro Housing Authority, and The Applewood Community. Please contact Mary Howe to sign up: or call/text at 336-698-6541. Please click here to sign up. 
Wondering what to do with all of those grocery shopping bags? The Missions committee will be collecting “gently used” plastic grocery bags for Backpack Beginnings. Please bring any you don’t use to church with you, leaving them on the Missions table in the Dogwood Lobby closest to the double doors leading towards the classrooms.
Women's Bible Study resumes this Tuesday, March 29. If you would like more information, please contact Mimi Carter, Jeanie Harrison, or the church office.
Fellowship Presbyterian has online giving available through the Presbyterian Foundation.

Click this link to be taken to the online donations page.
Prayer Concerns and Celebrations

  • Prayers for Ukraine and those caught in the crossfire as the war continues.
  • Marilyn Delafield gives thanks for all of the prayers and support following her shoulder surgery. She reports that she continues to make progress toward healing.
  • Fred and Marilyn Delafield ask for prayers for their son, Gray, who underwent hernia surgery last week.
  • Fred Campbell’s friend, Kurt, is home and undergoing rehab after a long hospitalization due to COVID and related conditions. He celebrates that he is able to now walk up to 300 feet at a time without stopping. Continued prayers are appreciated.
  • Continued prayers for our church members: Walt Nichols, Sarah Haack, John Koppel, Mary Howe, Julian Bullock, Lea Groves, Donna, Katie & the Steele family, Nancy Baughman, Bruce Weaver, and Marjorie Van Horn.
  • Continued prayers for the family and friends of our congregation: Kim Hall (Terry Anderson’s coworker), Sharon Odell (Terry Anderson’s coworker), Donna and Jim Silver (Debbie and Tom Roach’s daughter and son-in-law), David French & Family (Greg’s brother), Mochita (friend of Phyllis King), Corky Summers (Donna Steele’s sister), Suzanne (Judy Meyler’s sister-in-law), Michael Boswell (friend of Peggy Koppel), Johnny Ziegler (Terry Anderson’s uncle), Sherry (Terry Anderson’s sister), Dennis (John Archambault’s cousin), Christy (daughter of Donna Steele’s friend), Todd Martinez (coworker of Gary Anderson), Katherine and Donald Bennett (Barbara Smith’s sister and brother-in-law), Felicia Schaps (Lindahl's daughter-in-law's mother), Teresa (Terry Anderson’s coworker), Ashley Long (Joel and Ann Long’s daughter-in-law), Joyce Berger (Kandee’s mother), Gwen Flowers & her family (Linda Ueland’s sister), Dorothy & Edward Archambault (John Archambault’s parents), Arch Gravely (Peggy Koppel’s cousin), Tim King family (Phyllis King’s son), Roger Eliason (Tye Wittmann’s coworker), Jenny George (Betsy Craver's cousin), Libby Ansel (Lesa Layno's sister).  
If you have any additional prayer concerns, please contact Linda Ueland (336-314-5481) or call Martha at the church (336-288-5177).

Upcoming Events

  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (“Preschool” Classroom)
  • 9:30am: Worship – in-person (with masks), on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time (Dogwood Lobby)
  • 10:45am: Adult Education Hour (Library)
March 28:
March 30:
  • 7am: Men's Koffee Klatch (Panera Bread – Lawndale Location)
  • 12 noon: Bulletin and Blast Deadline
  • 12 noon: Backpack Beginnings Applewood Delivery
  • 5:30pm: Handbell Rehearsal
  • 6pm: Choir Rehearsal
March 31:
  • 9:30am & 1:30pm: Meyler Oil (Fellowship Hall)
  • 1pm: Bridge (Library)
April 3: 
  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (“Preschool” Classroom)
  • 9:30am: Worship – in-person (with masks), on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time (Dogwood Lobby)
  • 10:45am: Adult Education Hour (Library)
  • After worship until 12noon: Food Drive
  • 3pm: Beer & Hymns at Oden Brewing Company (802 Gate City Blvd.)