The more things change, the more things stay the same. And I feel like all I want to do is put my head in my hands, not unlike the picture above. Where and when does it all end? Good question. And so, in the meantime, we have to rely on our faith and our ability to use our voices to make change.

And when we have sighs that may be too deep for words, unsure of what to say, it is through the words of others that we can pray, finding comfort and hope. And so, I offer you these words from Rev. Terri McDowell-Ott, editor of The Presbyterian Outlook magazine. Let us pray:

God of grace, we lament the violence.
For those who have no words…
those holding themselves, rocking with each wave of grief…
those planting both feet, seeking balance in crisis and chaos…
those who moan, weep and wail the names of their dead…
those sitting silently in front of their screens sickened by the shootings, by the innocent lives lost, by the hatred that fuels such violence…
We pray, O God.
We pray for the victims in Buffalo, New York, and Laguna Woods, California. We pray for those terrorized and traumatized by horrific shootings. We lament for the lessons the shootings teach us over and over about racism and hate, undeniable and unrelenting, so costly. We pray for the people of color who pay the price for that hatred, day after day, year after year, century after century.
We pray for our Taiwanese siblings in California targeted during the violence at Geneva Presbyterian Church. We pray that your people find comfort in your saving grace.
Our land is troubled, and our peace disturbed. God of love and life, guide us by your truth. Bend the arc of the universe towards justice. Inspire us with courage to resist the evil of racism, to proclaim your inclusive love, to root out the enemies of righteousness, to persist for peace.
Let nothing move us from your path of love, Blessed God. Let nothing sway our confidence that you are with us. Turn our eyes to Christ and the promise of our redemption.

I hope to see you Sunday for worship, whether in person or online, as we conclude our program year. I encourage you to read about all of the wonderful events coming up soon in the life of our Fellowship Family.

Pastor Kathryn
Sunday (Virtual) Worship Information

Sunday worship is in-person, but will continue to be available through Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube.

Worshipping via Zoom allows for worship participants to, at the least, see each other during worship, should a participant join through computer. Zoom also allows for worship participants to join by phone, should they not have access to a computer.

To join by phone, call: (646)558-8656

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Volunteer with Applewood, Backpack Beginnings,
and Greensboro Housing Authority!
Fellowship has started an ongoing partnership between Backpack Beginnings, Greensboro Housing Authority, and The Applewood Community. Please contact Mary Howe to sign up: [email protected] or call/text at 336-698-6541. Please click here to sign up. 
Wondering what to do with all of those grocery shopping bags? The Missions committee will be collecting “gently used” plastic grocery bags for Backpack Beginnings. Please bring any you don’t use to church with you, leaving them on the Missions table in the Dogwood Lobby closest to the double doors leading towards the classrooms.
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Prayer Concerns and Celebrations

  • We celebrate with Dottie Fairchild as she found an affordable apartment and is moving in this week – with five days to spare. She gives thanks for the prayers and the ways that the “11:59 God” may be last minute, but is always on time.
  • The Buffalo, NY and Santa Clara, CA communities following gun violence in their respective communities
  • Judy Meyler broke her wrist after a fall on Saturday; she will not need surgery but appreciates prayers of healing. She also celebrates the marriage of her son, Eric and his wife, Jessica, this weekend.
  • Traci Rankins asks for continued prayers as the oncology team discerns its plan. She underwent a biopsy this week to better understand what types of treatments may be most effective.
  • Toni Lindahl requests prayers for her family after the passing of her Aunt Annie.
  • Steve Brandt celebrates Dee Kuhn’s retirement for Guilford Technical Community College.
  • Prayers for Ukraine and those caught in the crossfire as the war continues.
  • Continued prayers for our church members: Sarah Haack, John Koppel, Mary Howe, Julian Bullock, Lea Groves, Nancy Baughman, Bruce Weaver, and Marjorie Van Horn.
  • Continued prayers for the family and friends of our congregation: Libby Ansel (Lesa Layno’s sister), Rosalee Russo (Peggy Koppel’s neighbor), Kurt (Fred Campbell’s friend), Dennis (John Archambault’s cousin), Todd Southard (John Archambault’s friend), Michael Boswell (Peggy Koppel’s friend), Suzanne (Judy Meyler’s sister-in-law), Johnny Ziegler (Terry Anderson’s uncle), Todd Martinez (coworker of Gary Anderson), Katherine and Donald Bennett (Barbara Smith’s sister and brother-in-law), Felicia Schaps (Lindahl's daughter-in-law's mother), Ashley Long (Joel and Ann Long’s daughter-in-law), Joyce Berger (Kandee’s mother), Gwen Flowers & her family (Linda Ueland’s sister), Dorothy & Edward Archambault (John Archambault’s parents), Tim King family (Phyllis King’s son), Jenny George (Betsy Craver's cousin).

If you have any additional prayer concerns, please contact Linda Ueland (336-314-5481) or call Martha at the church (336-288-5177).

Upcoming Events

  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (Fellowship Hall)
  • 9:30am: Worship with Communion (Sanctuary)– in-person, on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time (Dogwood Lobby)
  • 10:45am: Adult Education Hour – The Gospel According to Ted Lasso (Library)
  • 12:30-4:30pm: Girl Scouts in the Fellowship Hall
May 25:
  • 7am: Men's Koffee Klatch (Panera Bread – Lawndale Location)
  • 12 noon: Bulletin and Blast Deadline
May 26:
  • 9:30am & 1:30pm: Meyler Oil (Fellowship Hall)
  • 1pm: Bridge (Library)
May 29:
  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (Fellowship Hall)
  • 9:30am: Worship – in-person, on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time (Dogwood Lobby)
May 30:
  • Memorial Day: Church Office Closed