More than 500 years ago, Martin Luther had had enough with the way that the Roman Catholic Church was running the show - in particular, the way the Roman Catholic church was selling indulgences as a means to reduce a follower's punishment for their sins. On October 31, 1517, Luther expressed his disgust with the practice, as well as others, by nailing his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door, marking what most consider the start of the Protestant Reformation (get it? Protest-ant...).

And so, this Sunday, we will reflect on the Church's history through a most unique Lessons and Carols service. Through readings, reflections, and song, we will see how the Church is "Reformed and always Reforming". We will look to the future and the way that God is, was, and will continue to be at work in the life of the Church, including here at Fellowship Presbyterian Church.
Looking ahead, our attention will move from where the Church has been to where God is calling us next. We do that through this year's Stewardship season, which will take place from November 1 through Sunday, November 21.

During this year's Stewardship season, the congregation will be formally introduced to a new Mission Statement and Vision Statement that the Session has adopted to take effect on January 1. Throughout the season, there will be multiple opportunities to attend a Cottage Meeting to learn of the proposed 2022 operating budget, more about mission and vision, and ask questions.
You are also encouraged to provide your responses to the "Why I Give" questions listed above. The Stewardship and Finance Committee agrees that faith doesn't happen in a vacuum, and that sharing with one another how giving can inform and strengthen your faith is something that should be celebrated and shared.

You will be receiving this document, along with more information about 2021 3rd quarter giving and more information about the 2022 Stewardship season next week. In the meantime, please make sure to mark your calendars and RSVP for a Cottage meeting!
Hope to see you Sunday, whether in-person or virtually - noting that you can now join us virtually via YouTube as well!

Pastor Kathryn
Sunday (Virtual) Worship Information

Sunday worship is in person, but will continue to be available through Facebook Live and Zoom.

Worshipping via Zoom allows for worship participants to, at the least, see each other during worship, should a participant join through computer. Zoom also allows for worship participants to join by phone, should they not have access to a computer.

To join by phone, call: (646)558-8656

When you dial in you will be asked for a meeting ID number: enter 847 7231 7808The password is: 658602Depending on the time you dial in, you may not hear anything to start with. When the Prelude begins, you will hear audio.

To access worship by Zoom via computer, please click here.

(If you'd prefer to access the worship service through the Zoom website, please enter Meeting ID 847 7231 7808 - the password is: 658602.)

To access worship by Facebook Live, please click here.

To access worship by YouTube, please click here.

Don't forget - you can access this week's bulletin via the church's website or by clicking here.
Adult Education: The Wired Word
Adult Education for the the remaining Sundays in October will see a new curriculum called "The Wired Word". With this new curriculum, participants will engage in Bible Study and discussion centered on current events. So current, in fact, that the lessons aren't published until Thursday!

The link for this week's lesson is here; we will again be focusing on the second story/lesson. Copies will be available on Sunday morning in the Library, where the class is held.

Please note: Adult Education currently only gathers in-person. If you join us for worship virtually and would like to also join us virtually for Adult Education, please let Pastor Kathryn know!
Volunteer with Applewood, Backpack Beginnings,
and Greensboro Housing Authority!
Fellowship has started an ongoing partnership between Backpack Beginnings, Greensboro Housing Authority, and The Applewood Community. Please contact Mary Howe to sign up: or call/text at 336-698-6541. Please click here to sign up. 

The volunteers for November 3 are Steve Lindahl and Bill Sweet.
Wondering what to do with all of those grocery shopping bags? The Missions committee will be collecting “gently used” plastic grocery bags for Backpack Beginnings. Please bring any you don’t use to church with you, leaving them on the Missions table in the Dogwood Lobby closest to the double doors leading towards the classrooms.
Food Drive November 7th
The Greensboro Urban Ministries Food Drive and Pennies for Hunger Collection: Fellowship’s next Food Drive is next Sunday, November 7th, following from 11am until noon. 
All Saints Sunday - November 7
All Saints Sunday is a day in our worship calendar when we recognize and celebrate those whom we love who have died, particularly in the previous twelve months. To honor those whom we love, we will need your help. If you would like to recognize a loved one whom has died, please submit a picture to Martha in the church office no later than Friday, October 29, at noon so they may be used during worship on November 7. The picture can be digital (via email) or framed. If you have any questions, please ask Pastor Kathryn.
One City, One Film with White Voices Against Racism
Participants are invited to watch the movie “13th” and join the conversation. The Oscar-nominated documentary is from director Ava DuVernay, examining the U.S. prison system, looking at how the country’s history of racial inequality drives the high rate of incarceration in America. The Greensboro Chamber plans to host 2-hour community discussions on the film, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 3rd at 11:30am and at 6:00PM. The aim is to foster a truthful, respectful dialogue about community members’ lived experiences. The documentary is available for free on YouTube via Netflix or through the Netflix app. White Voices Against Racism is also planning a watch party several days before group sessions; details to come.  
Fellowship Presbyterian has online giving available through the Presbyterian Foundation.

Click this link to be taken to the online donations page.
Congregational Cares and Concerns

  • Tye Wittmann requests prayers for his co-worker Roger Eliason who suffered a workplace fall fracturing his pelvis, 3 vertebrae, and his wrist. He is scheduled to marry in December.
  • Barbara Smith had a successful cardiac ablation procedure at Cone Hospital on 10/28 and is recovering at home.
  • Toni Lindahl asks for prayers for her daughter-in-law’s mother, Felicia Schaps, who underwent surgery last week to repair a loose screw from a previous back surgery, which has left her vertebrae fractured and painful.
  • Susie Knorr requests prayers for her uncle, Paul Williams, who has entered hospice care.
  • Nora Burleson seeks prayers for her grandson Yancey. He broke his jaw in a baseball accident, had surgery 10/14, and will be wired shut for 4 weeks.
  • Terry Anderson requests prayers for her coworker, Teresa, who is battling cancer.
  • John Archambault requests prayers for his cousin, Michelle, who had surgery last week, including biopsy.
  • Aimee Stevens requests prayers for her aunt, Donna Ritter, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
  • Jen Mauney and her mother, Edith Jordan, request prayer for recovery from COVID.
  • Bryan Revels, Mary Howe’s brother-in-law, remains hospitalized at Cone Hospital and prayers are requested concerning his further care. 
  • Ashley Long, Joel and Ann Long’s daughter-in-law, has multiple diagnosed ailments and is under medical care for undiagnosed symptoms. Joel and Ann are helping them care for grandchildren while Zack tends to his wife’s needs.
  • Helen Rogers’ grandson, Jesse, needs our prayers as he lives near the California wildfires.
  • Prayers for our homebound: Ruth Trace and Lea Groves.
  • Continued prayers for our church members: Donna, Katie & the Steele family, John Meyler, Nancy Baughman, Bruce Weaver, Marjorie Van Horn
  • Continued prayers for the family and friends of our congregation: Art Herron, (Peggy Koppel’s neighbor), Gail Keefe (John Archambault’s colleague), John Fair (FPC’s former organist), Joyce Berger (Kandee’s mother),  Ed & Rachel Kershner (Linda Kershner's son and granddaughter), Gwen Flowers & her family (Linda Ueland’s sister), Dorothy & Edward Archambault (John Archambault’s parents), Roe Roe Tucker (friend of Lesa & Charles Layno), Arch Gravely (Peggy Koppel’s cousin), Tim King family (Phyllis King’s son).
If you have any additional prayer concerns,
please contact Linda Ueland (336-314-5481)
or call Martha at the church (336-288-5177).
This Week’s Events
  • October 31:
  • 9:30am: Worship – in-person (with masks), on Facebook Live, and Zoom
  • At Conclusion of Worship: Congregational Meeting for Election of Elders
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time – in Dogwood Lobby
  • 10:45am: Education for All
  • November 1:
  • 6pm: Outreach Committee meets via Zoom
  • 7:30pm: Worship Committee meets via Zoom
  • November 2, 6:30pm: Women’s Bible Study via Zoom
  • November 3:
  • 7am: Men's Coffee Klatch @ Panera Bread (Lawndale)
  • 12 noon: Bulletin and Blast Deadline
  • November 4:
  • Office Hours 9am - 12 noon
  • 9:30 am and 1:30pm: Meyer Oil Studio in the Fellowship Hall
  • 1pm: Bridge in the Parlor
  • 7pm: Fellowship Book Club via Zoom
  • November 5: Church Office Closed
  • November 7: Daylight Saving Time Begins (Fall Back)
  • 9:30am: Worship – in-person (with masks), on Facebook Live, and Zoom
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time – in Dogwood Lobby
  • 10:45am: 2022 Stewardship Cottage Meeting, Library
  • After Worship until noon: Food Drive and Pennies for Hunger Collection