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Les M├ęduses, Black Hole Theatre, Australia, 2017 Showcase Artist
Get involved with Showcase 2017! 

We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 Jim Rye Fellowships, which will continue to identity and support students pursuing advanced degrees, who are dedicated to the Performing Arts for Youth sector. The Rye Fellowship supports their presence and participation during Showcase.

IPAY will continue to foster connections and opportunities for developing artists in the field with the ongoing Colleen Porter Artist Development Award. The fund provides residencies to promising artists to develop their craft by attending Showcase, connecting with mentors, and and participating in focused reflection on their role in the future of performing arts for young audiences. The Award  honor Colleen's steadfast commitment to the excellence and development in the field of performing arts for young audiences.

Applications to both programs are now available on IPAYWEB.ORG, and we are currently accepting donated items for our annual live auction to support the Colleen Porter Fund!
Developing the Field for Tomorrow: The Jim Rye Fellowship

2016 Jim Rye Fellows

The 2017 Jim Rye Fellowship application for Showcase in Madison, January 18-21, 2017 is now available and due November 18, 2016.

The International Performing Arts for Youth's Jim Rye Fellowship offers an outstanding opportunity for graduate students in the fields of TYA directing, management, curating, and education to be involved with the inner workings of a major performing arts for young audiences conference. After a competitive application and review process, Jim Rye fellows are provided with a yearlong membership in IPAY as well as Showcase conference registration where they will be part of various workshops and panel conversations of the Kindling Program together with the Porter Residency Fellows, as well as a modest $250 stipend (for those students not located in the host city)  to help toward travel expenses. In addition, mentors with experience in the student's field of interest help the scholar navigate the conference and facilitate the student's introduction to other professionals in the field, allowing them important networking opportunities. In addition,  IPAY will endeavor to foster a stronger link between the Rye fellow and their educational institutions with the local IPAY member organizations.  IPAY feels it's paramount, and is excited, to support the development of stronger relationships with the Rye Fellows, their respective educational  institutions and IPAY members and their respective organizations as we all work toward building the field of performing arts for young audiences.

In return, the fellows provide valuable input for the IPAY organization and TYA field at large through various research and mapping projects that contribute to more insightful information of the TYA field in North America. These relationships will  be developed on an individual basis. Fellows may also be asked to assist the conference organizers, helping the conference run smoothly by providing help as needed, taking on projects such as assisting with registration, serving as liaison with artists, conducting audience surveys, working the IPAY booth and serving as reporters or recorders for educational sessions and discussions.

Fostering Growth: Honoring Colleen Porter with continued  commitment  to emerging artists

image from Paper Planet, courtesy of Polyglot Theatre, Australia

The 2017 Colleen Porter Developing Arts Award application for Showcase in Madison, January 18-21, 2017 is now available and due November 18, 2016.

IPAY is proud to continue to support development of Emerging Artists in the field of performing arts for young audiences with a facilitated residency opportunity in honor of Colleen Porter. This juried award supports artistic development and is linked to the annual Kindling focus at IPAY Showcase. Each year, IPAY supports the cost of Showcase registration, provides travel support and accommodation for Showcase for up to two selected artists. 

Interested artists, who have been in the field of for at least 5 years, demonstrate need for financial assistance, and are able to attend the full IPAY Showcase Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (January 18-21, 2017) are invited to complete an application by November 18, 2016. In order to further promote ongoing, long-term development of the artist, all applicants must be endorsed or recommended by a presenter, agent or artist who will whom will also be attending Showcase 2017.

Colleen Toohey Porter
Through this distinguished honor, Colleen's innovative,
generous, and nurturing spirit will live on in the artists of the future.
Support the Next Generation: Seeking Donated Item for The Colleen Porter Artist Development Award

IPAY is seeking donated items for our upcoming Silent Auction to benefit the Colleen Porter Artist Development Award. The Auction will be held during IPAY Showcase, January 18-21, 2017, with a final Live Auction Event at the Closing Night Party on Saturday, January 21.  We are collecting entertainment tickets, hotel packages, theater memberships, books, puppets, etc. 
Please only New or Unopened Items should be submitted. 

For additional information or to submit an item, please contact Mara McEwin,  maramcewin@treehouseshakers.com917-749-0786 (Leave a Message!) Please include the item description, value and a JPG image.

Deadline for submission is December 15, 2016.

2016 Silent Auction to support the Colleen Porter Developing Artist Fund
Showcase Artist: Roseneath Theatre

Country: Canada

Age Range: 12+

Contact: Theresa Holden, Holden & Arts Associates
Phone: 512-477-1859
E-mail:  th@holdenarts.org
Website: www.holdenarts.org

Outside is the story of Daniel, a teen who triumphs over homophobic bullying, depression, and suicide. At a meeting of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at his new school Daniel shares his story. Meanwhile, at his old school, struggling to come to terms with what happened, his friends Krystina and Jeremy attempt to start their own GSA. Through flashbacks, we travel through Daniel's harrowing experience with bullying that began with a taunt and a text message and eventually led to a serious physical assault. Three friends, two high schools, one lunch hour.


Country: United Kingdom

Age Range: 6+

Contact: Alice McGrath, Producer 
Phone: +44 7780 607665

Will asks Father Christmas for a space rocket. He gets a piano instead. Despite his initial disappointment, Will discovers that his new gift just might be better - it can take him on fantastical musical adventures through space and time! He takes the audience along on an exhilarating musical journey through piano history. Along the way, experience Beethoven's bad moods, Bach's cave piano, and a jam session with Fats Waller. Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners) is a hugely entertaining celebration of the piano, featuring whirlwind piano playing, songs, stories, and hand-drawn projections to inspire the musician within us all.

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