FenStar FS Documents Review

Per the requirements of the FenStar® Certification Program, NFRC staff is announcing the beginning of a public comment period for the FS-1100, FenStar Certification Program Verification Testing Procedure   beginning today and ending March 27, 2020. A copy of the document is at the link. Please download the document, make your changes directly on the file and send it back to fcp@nfrc.org . All comments regarding the changes to the document will be considered by staff to be included in the final revision. Comments not related to the current changes will be considered for future revisions. Comments related to the EPA ENERGY STAR® scheme will be forwarded to the EPA. All comments may be published by NFRC on the its website. 

In addition to the FS-1100, staff has also released the manufacturer ( FS-1100.01 ) and the lab guidelines ( FS-1100.02 ) documents for public comment for the same duration as the FS-1100. Staff will review all comments pertaining to these documents and will consider them when finalizing the documents prior to publication. Per the program rules, these documents are not required to be released for public comment. NFRC gives everyone the opportunity to comment on all the changes related to the FS-1100, which includes the changes to the guideline documents. Please follow the same procedure for the guideline documents by downloading each one at the link below, making the changes directly in the documents and send them to fcp@nfrc.org

Comments made after the comment period is over shall not be considered by staff for this revision, however, they may be considered for future revisions to the documents.

Thank you for your support of NFRC, the FenStar Certification Program, and ENERGY STAR. Please direct any questions regarding the program to Dan Womer at dwomer@nfrc.org .

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