Friday, August 7, 2020  
Dear FC Members
The 2020 election for the Board of Directors has had the largest voter turnout in recent memory. Thank you all for your engagement and participation in this year's election. The following have been elected Directors:
  • Ann Cho
  • Lindsey Cotter
  • David Doss
  • Simon Gershon
  • Spencer Gordon-Sand
  • D'Meca Homer
  • Yury Kurchin
  • Jack Lee
  • Delia Nelson
  • Lisa Orbe-Austin
  • Robert Pavlovich
  • Kathleen Reckling
  • Neil Rifkind
  • Adam Rodney
  • Luisa Sanchez
  • Erinn Smart
  • Kornel Udvarhelyi
For those candidates that were not elected, we thank you for your interest and welcome your continued engagement at the club. 
We look forward to future Town Halls and updates from the Board to keep you aware of our many projects and initiatives, as well as the construction and move-in date to our new facility. 

Fencers Club Executive Committee

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