July 2022

Peer Educator Conference Brings More Growth!
Representing the rollouts this month is the Bethel Ministries church group, in Ennerdale (Johannesburg area), pictured above. Thandy reports, "Last month we shared about the exciting PE conference we had. Every time we get these wonderful field workers together to share stories of growth in their areas, more growth takes pace all over. We have had the busiest month in July as teams went back to their countries and areas all fired up. New schools, churches, prisons, and rehabs have been added. We distributed 12,647 Reach4Life Bibles this month. We are waiting for 35,000 Bibles from Biblica to be delivered this month. So far, this is the number we are getting this year (as opposed to 80,000 last year). Please join with us in serious prayer for more books to be printed. We still have many newly trained PE’s who are ready to start, with groups waiting." Here is a recap of new venues started this month:

  • 33 new schools in South Africa
  • 16 new schools in Swaziland
  • 14 new church groups in South Africa
  • 9 new church groups in Maputo, Mozambique
  • 11 new church groups in Swaziland
  • 5 new church groups in Lesotho
  • 2 new church groups in Zimbabwe
R4L in Additional Correctional Facilities
These chaplains serve in different correctional facilities in Johannesburg. They came for a training to understand the R4L program, and will now be including it as a full-time program.
Fencing Begins on New Church Land
The first step in building the new church in Tugela Ferry is to fence the land. The material was delivered last week and work is beginning on that. We are still getting quotes on the rest of the project and will share more with you as those details are firmed up. Meanwhile, if you want to be a part of building a church in Africa and would like to donate toward this project now, please go to our donate page. On the second page of the payment processing info, use the dropdown from the "projects" box to select "Tugela Church." We appreciate your help!
Clothing Drive Update!
Thanks to everyone who has been dropping off clothes for the clothing drive. Thanks also to the volunteers (pictured above) who helped us load our second trailer on July 22. Our next trailer will be loaded Friday night, August 26 at 7 p.m. Let us know if you'd like to help! So far we have collected 12,355 pounds! That's 5,604 kg for those of you in Africa. As a reminder, we can take gently used:
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • purses, belts, backpacks
  • linens (tablecloths, towels, drapes, etc.)
  • blankets/sleeping bags
  • anything fabric-y
We've been asked not to include stained, torn, or otherwise unusable items in our collection. Clothes can be dropped at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, on the porch, where you will also find donation receipts in a plastic bag. Please also let your family and friends know about the clothing drive, and let us know if you become aware of any estate, downsizing, or moving clear-outs since they are another source of these items. We can pick up large amounts of clothes if needed. Contact us at 253-946-5953 (landline), 206-423-0306 (cell), or by email. The funds we raise will be used to support the R4L program. Thanks for your support!
Dept. of Education Asks for Training for HS Counselors
The Gauteng (Johannesburg area) province Department of Education requested training for some of their high school counselors. Each one above is from a different school, all of whom are dealing with anger and violence, including kids stabbing each other. The department believes they need spiritual intervention, so Reach4Life (R4L) lessons will be used as a counseling tool. Peer Educators have been asked to come teach in these very troubled schools.
Power Packs and Sound Systems Funded
Thandy says, "With the increasing power cuts (sometimes for days), phones running out of batteries has been a huge challenge. In our line of ministry phones are vital. We would like to thank Prevention Time for their help in providing some ministry tools. We were able to get 80 power packs (left) for the area coordinators. This will extend the battery life of their phones as well as help them charge up Peer Educator phones so they will be able to stay connected to the schools and each other.

Thandy continues, "We are also grateful for four sound systems (right). As our teams get more and bigger schools, sound systems become a serious need for assemblies. We are so excited for our four teams who have been desperate for the sound systems. The areas and coordinator names are: Swaziland (northern region) - Dlamini; Swaziland (southern region) - Mayibongwe; Nkandla, South Africa - Shozi; and Eastern Cape, South Africa - Mabhida."
Generator and Utility Trailer Funded
In addition to the items mentioned above, we (Prevention Time) also funded a generator to help with trainings at other locations. We hope to get an indoor one for the training center soon. We also funded a 2-wheel utility trailer (not pictured) to help carry Bibles, sound systems, the generator, and other training equipment. So far we have raised $945 of $2,715 needed for the unbudgeted power packs and generators, including the office power bank. If you would like to donate to help offset this cost, please go to our donate page. On the second page of the payment processing process, use the dropdown in the "projects" box to select "power backup." Thanks for your support!
Cape Town Training More Foxes
In the last newsletter, we had a testimony from Pastor Masizane (Cape Town) about how the program is growing there. Here he is with newly trained Foxes (students teaching other students) who will be teaching in schools there.
Father/Son Reach4Life Groups
“I am Pastor Bongimusa Mavundla (left). I am a pastor at Faith Mission. My wife is a coordinator in one of the R4L teams here in Durban. I attended a R4L training in April in support of her. But I was very touched by the teachings concerning reaching out to the youth. As a dad I thought of this idea of fathers going through the R4L program together with their sons and other boys, not only biological ones. Our group is growing. This tool God is using to heal families and bridge gaps that we would have never knew how. We appreciate the Reach4Life program.” Pastor Mavundla reached out to his neighbours and church friends and now they are studying the R4L Bible with their sons and other boys who are raised by single moms. (See picture on right.)
More Trainings!
Pictured above is a training in Mpumalanga province. (Thandy is at front and center.)

Trainings for full time (adult) Peer Educators were done in South Africa at Waterval village, Mpumalanga province; Lawley Township, Gautang (Johannesburg) province; Blauboch, Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal province; and Eshowe Township, Kwa-Zulu Natal province.

Trainings for Foxes (students teaching students) were done at Gaza Maputo, Mozambique and Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, South Africa (see Cape Town Training article above). 
Other News and Testimonies!
Kids are Multiplying!
This is Verulam community church in Durban. They started R4L with five kids in their church in Feb 2022. The pastor says R4L has revived his church. We can see how much it's grown and more kids (and parents) are coming every week!
Teachers Do R4L in Assemblies
These five teachers from Mqikela High school, Eastern Cape, give a lesson at the assembly each day of the school week. Then PE’S teach the lessons in class. A R4L devotion is conducted by one of the teachers every morning to the whole staff. 
"Growing as a Leader"
“My name is Sweetness Jola (standing). Today I have been tasked by my coordinator to mentor two new PE’s. We who have been with the ministry for three years, we are usually asked to help the new field workers to grow in their R4L work. I help them write their weekly reports till they can do it themselves, I help them prepare their lessons for the week and I become their prayer partner. In R4L you are not just a ministry worker, but you are given a chance to grow as a leader. My confidence has improved and my communication skills are polished daily.”  
"Heard About it on the Radio"
“I am Pastor Amen, that’s my real name. I heard on the community radio a Peer Educator talking about a program that engages the youth with the Bible. People were calling in and excited about the program. I followed through and got the contact details of the Ministry, today I am at Phakama offices to arrange training in our town. Pastors are excited and ready to teach in schools. I took 3 taxis to get here but it was worth it. I was welcomed and assisted so nicely. I am part of the R4L family now.”  
"No Idea of the Impact"
Pastor L. Fakude says, "To those who are responsible for bringing this program to us, you have no idea how you have impacted the local church of Africa. I have been a teacher by profession and a pastor over 30 yrs. Evangelism and discipleship have been a huge struggle, especially with young people. I sat here today and learned skills of teaching the Bible to young people more effectively. My own walk with God is revived. This training and program are God-designed to wake up the church."
"R4L Will Give Me Purpose"
“My name is Neliswa, I am 20 years old. The Reach4ife training has given me hope. The rate of unemployment in our country is at its highest, we are sitting at home doing nothing with qualifications. Being a Peer Educator is going to give me purpose. There are 3 high schools near my home and I will be deployed there. I am going to give it my all. This program is reaching us the young people with the gospel and empowering those that teach it to be better people.”

These kids are meeting as a small group during one of the school breaks.
"My Life is About to Change"
Olgar Modupi, Grade 10, age 16, from Protea Glen High School, shares, “There’s great joy in our school this morning, the R4L team came and gave us Bibles. I have never had a Bible before. The lessons are very interesting and speak to many problems we the youth faces every day. I am so happy my life is about to change now that I am going to learn about Jesus at school.”

"Life was a Living Hell"
“My name is Courtney from Ennardale. I was introduced to the R4L program when I was at the rehab. I had been a drug addict for 12 years. My life was a living hell, nothing could help me. But when I started attending the R4L group at the rehab, something happened in my heart, I stopped blaming my background and community and owned up to my wrong decisions. The lessons in this little book are powerful. I gave my life to Christ and now I am a trained R4L Peer educator in Phakama. My life has changed. I am out of Rehab and I am not going back."
Above is a group going through a R4L lesson in a classroom.
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