January 2022
Physically Block Cyberattacks
Happy 2022 everyone! In this issue, we discuss the role of data diodes as a Log4j mitigation, highlight upcoming events, and introduce our featured partner immixGroup.
About Fend
Fend physically blocks cyberattacks while providing you with the intelligence needed to improve operations. Our customers hail from manufacturing, energy, water, and defense. Fend’s data diode hardware is made in the USA and physically sends data in only one direction, enabling secure industrial equipment monitoring and one-way file transfer. Unlock the power of cloud-based analytics with Fend Cloud, a service that allows you to rapidly bring industrial IoT devices online while isolating critical infrastructure from attack. Learn more at www.fend.tech.
Market Update
Last year’s high-profile attacks on critical infrastructure challenged operators looking to stay one step ahead of adversaries. Vulnerabilities impacting IT systems, such as Log4j, have crossed over into the increasingly connected industrial control systems on which we all depend. The cost of cyber defense continues to rise, with regulators like the FCC set to levy additional fines on companies that haven’t addressed these vulnerabilities. Such pressures may sound daunting for managers of operational technology (OT) assets, with legacy equipment unable to receive patches due to potential functional changes or warranty concerns.  
Fend provides a straightforward, affordable way to sidestep the cybersecurity arms race and keep attackers out for good. Using Fend’s one-way communication diodes, customers can physically block attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities. Attackers can’t reach the systems behind Fend’s hardware, giving operators the security and flexibility they need to keep key industrial assets online. Learn more about how you can fend off attackers at https://www.fend.tech/about-diodes
Upcoming Events
Join us on January 26th for the Cybersecurity & Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) webinar series. CSIAC hosts live online technical presentations featuring DoD research and engineering topics including infrastructure cybersecurity. Fend will be presenting the results of our award-winning project with the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) that demonstrated our next-generation one-way communication diode technology. To learn more about CSIAC and register for our upcoming webinar, click here: https://csiac.org/webinars/physical-cybersecurity-using-one-way-data-diodes-to-for-secure-asset-monitoring/
Featured Partner

Fend works with strategic partners to bring the best solutions to our customers. One of these partners is immixGroup, who helps make Fend’s products available to government agencies. immixGroup, the public sector arm of Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW), is a leading value-added IT distributor that delivers mission-driven results to the public sector through their vast partner ecosystem. This includes 300+ manufacturers and 1,200 solution providers. Fend is proud to work with immixGroup to help improve the security and operational resilience to public sector customers. Learn more about immixGroup at https://www.immixgroup.com

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