Feng Shui, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness
The word "love" elicits all kinds of reactions. In a happy fulfilling relationship - you might feel bubbly. Trying to find "the one" - you might feel optimistic or depressed. Trying to get out of a relationship - you might feel anger, hurt or relief. You might feel perfectly content where you are. There's no one right answer - or feeling - or place to be. Each of us is different, and each day can even be different.

But Feng Shui can be a constant to your life, your space, your love. This month, we feature articles about how to use Feng Shui to navigate love. There truly is a tip or notion for everyone here. Dive into these fantastic articles - and find your inner love. Scroll on...

The love and relationship, or partnership, gua of your bagua is in the right back corner of your home, office, building, property and even room (facing into the space from the front side). Using the outer edges of your home, draw a tic/tac/toe grid on the space to find the back right quadrant. Click to find out more about placing the bagua.

Enhancements in this area could include:
. photos, paintings, figures of your significant other
. pairs of things such as doves, hearts, symbols of love
. the colors pink, red, and white
. quotes and affirmations pertaining to love and relationship
. things with a personal association or memento of a person, feeling, vacation
. and more...

That Thing Called Love
From Wendy Yawching, "we all seek love. It’s one of my clients most frequent requests (along with money and health). So over the years, I got to thinking: How can I use Feng Shui to really, really help all of these people who come to me expecting big changes with a few adjustments in their bedroom, or the relationship corner of their homes... So I went within and asked the question, and the answer was waiting there. A Lightbulb moment!" 
Aren't you dying to find out? Wendy shares her insights related to the strengths and connections of the bagua and Feng Shui love.
Feng Shui for the Way You Love
From Samantha Shields, "in the bedroom, feng shui design helps us gently disengage from our daily activities and stresses. It allows you to peacefully slip into the sanctuary of your bedroom to bring back balance to your body and mind. When you feel well rested and refreshed, you are more able to share yourself enthusiastically with your partner and the world."
Rekindling a current love, finding a new partner, or healing from a hurt - this article covers it all easily and beautifully from Samantha.
Creating Space in the Partnership Gua Transformed My Marriage
From Mary Roberts, "In feng shui, our storage spaces (closets, cabinets, drawers) represent the hidden parts of ourselves (our thoughts, emotions and feelings). In mid December, I opened the cabinet located in the corner of my partnership gua to pull out toys for my grandchildren. This story illustrates how removing an item from a cabinet in Partnership improved a marriage."
Is this really possible? Yes. It absolutely is. It may take a fresh look - a critical look - to see what kinds of old "tapes" you have playing in your space.

"In feng shui, headboards provide a feeling of support in life. I recommend that all clients have a headboard; not just putting a bed against the wall. Make sure to attach it properly to the bed. When choosing a headboard, go for one that has soft edges whenever possible. Heavy cast-iron headboards or ones that have bars have energy making you feel like you are in jail. We want to try to avoid feeling that way in such a relaxing space. Instead, I recommend ones that are made of fabric, as they provide a soft, inviting feel. Platform beds are great too."

Final Thoughts - ‘Every Act of Love and Kindness raises the vibration of the entire Universe’

Take a deep breath and focus on your Heart Chakra - place your hand there and connect to the present. Keep breathing with yourself fully aware and conscious of this moment, then the next moment and the next - each moment connecting to create the experience of ‘time.’ For just a minute forget the past – forgive the past – release what has been. Breathe into this moment of the gift and miracle of your existence – your ‘Life’ – you are a walking miracle – no matter what has come before – no matter what lies ahead. The Future is still yet unformed – what future do you envision for yourself, for your loved ones, for Humanity?

The "way of the heart" or the "path of the heart" is living your life from this energy center of love. It means living your life with loving kindness and compassion towards others. It means that your heart is open to others and you inspire kindness and compassion in others. You create a safe and supportive environment."

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