Interior Design and Feng Shui to improve the flow of positive energy
in your home or workplace, and better support you and your family.

"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann
September 2016

We love decorating - choosing furniture, finishes, artwork - it's amazing when it all comes together, and makes such a difference in how you feel in a space. As we move into the fall season our work is picking up. Is your home ready for the holidays?

If you want to make some changes, now is the time to start. Living room - Family Room - Kitchen - Bathrooms - where to begin?

Lately we've been doing a lot of flooring projects - wood, luxury vinyl, carpet, and porcelain tile. We always partner with great people to bring resources to you, but one product line we've been impressed with offers sustainable, eco-friendly wood flooring that comes from a forest in Wisconsin. It is a hard wax oiled and refinished to not only look amazing, but require less maintenance than your typical wood floors. It's a much better option than many of the cheaper ones out there, which can have harmful substances such as formaldehyde. If you're curious about this product let us know.

Below, I share more about the latest service I created for you: Virtual Consultations. They're a new way to go about changing your space. One of the best things I can offer with these consultations is Feng Shui advice. Making changes - so your space serves you better - can be done virtually!

Also below, I've also shared a redesign story - how I helped a client get her home ready for entertaining. It's that time of year! Keep in touch; I'm here to help you with a spruce to get your home ready too.

W armest Regards,
Julie Ann

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More details below... 

Watch this video to learn about a new way  
we can work together - to change your space, and change your life!
Feng Shui your space - VIRTUALLY!virtualconsult  

How does your home feel?
Are you relaxed when you walk in the door?
Does it help you let go of stress?

Is it an expression of "you"? 
Does your home represent who you are, your goals and vision for your life?

Let's talk! Via Skype, FaceTime, or by phone, we'll discuss how you can create harmony and a positive energy flow in your space, so it matches up with what you want for your life.

Looking at the Feng Shui Bagua, we'll see how it relates to your floor plan, and how to enhance the energy in certain areas. 

What are you looking for? 
A home that feels peaceful - more money - that big promotion - love - better relationships - improved health - a new job

Is this the right time?
If you have a big change happening in your life - or want to change something about your life, this is the right time for your Virtual Consultation. Feng Shui adjustments, tools, and design changes can be put in place to ease the transition, and make your intentions a reality. 

Learn my "Fun Shui" Approach 
Making changes in your space - and your life - doesn't have to be overwhelming or frustrating. Your home or workspace can support you! And I can help.

A Virtual Consultation is easy and convenient - wherever you live!

To Create Living and Dining Room Ambiance       

Having guests is a sure motivator to spruce up your home. My client Cristine had never really finished her formal living spaces. Before a party, she wanted to make some design changes to warm things up, and make the living and dining rooms comfortable and suitable for entertaining guests.

See What We Did
Click here to see design highlights in the "After" photos. We rearranged some furniture, adjusted the lighting, and found new accessories and art to round out the design and add character. These simple changes made a big impact.  
"Julie Ann helped me pull together the design of our living room and dining room, and they look awesome! Lots of compliments. Julie Ann knows what she's doing. I'm looking forward to our next project!" 
- Cristine   
Theatre, Opera, Shakespeare, Culture, Art


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