Feng Shui Creativity and Finding Your Joy - especially in difficult times
“Creativity and Children:  This position of the home is about limitless thinking. You know, like when you were a kid and thought anything was possible. It’s also about anything to do with the kids. So, to help you get back to that frame of mind, you can make sure the proper enhancements are in this right-hand, midway back part of your home. Come on, get creative!”
The Gua
Facing your home, apartment, or property at your front entrance – the Children and Creativity gua is in the middle section on the right.  Click here to read more about how to lay the bagua map.

This gua is associated with the west direction, the element of Metal and the color white but also pastels. This section is wonderful for children and grandchildren as the energy is exuberant and joyful, generous and curious. Not only for children, the Children and Creativity gua is great for adults as well who are looking to bring more creative energy into their world – whether through play or joy or even birthing a project or an idea. Creative energy comes in many forms.
Image Source: Metro Interiors
Image Source: Metro Interiors
Fueling Your Creativity in Quarantine
You didn't choose this time at home - but you can USE this time at home.

We are energy workers – and we know – even as hard as things are for many – we know everything is energy. We are not letting go of that important premise. Faith and hope are JUST as contagious as fear. Fear feels bigger right now. We are encouraging everyone to hold on to the hope and share it in waves. Hope is expansive and so is our creativity. Download the full article for ways to fuel your creative juices while you are sheltering in place and flattening the curve.
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Feng Shui Quick Tip - Make a Difference
"[I’m] writing notes of thanks to all the kind souls in my building who have volunteered to help people get groceries, especially the elderly. This crisis is bringing out the best in some people and I want to make sure they are acknowledged!"

Who are you thankful for? Tell them.

Helping Kids Cope with Difficult Times using Feng Shui
It’s no doubt you, or someone you know, is dealing with a major upheaval in the life of a child. Kids have gone from being able to play freely, participate in sports, go to school or the movies, to now being home-bound and bored – and worse, maybe stuck home with a sibling. Feng Shui is about embracing change.  But honestly, this is a lot of change. Especially for smaller people.

It's no doubt, you also could use some help dealing with the major upheaval in your life. Download the article for 9 tips.
Spotlight Feng Shui School Interview
We are excited to present this feature from Conscious Design Institute founder, long time Feng Shui professional, real estate educator and more, Renae Jenson. Renae is also a long time member of the International Feng Shui Guild, and we are delighted to hear more about the recent changes and additions to her long time program.

Q: How has Feng Shui changed your life?
A: I have consulted on hundreds of homes and businesses. I have witnessed miracles beyond belief. I believe in the value of this art/science with all my heart. I apply it in my life and I “think” and talk feng shui.

Final Thoughts: Tips for Feng Shui during Quarantine
The first tip is to stay tidy while in an enclosed space!

The second tip is to not become discouraged by delays in life plans.

During quarantine, create good luck and maintain good health by doing feng shui in small digestible bites, like a mouse. Then you won’t become overwhelmed or caught up in a rat race.

Accept that things will take time.
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