"There are basic Feng Shui tools that are time-proven remedies for treating, stabilizing, enhancing, and balancing the Ch'i in an environment. To receive the greatest benefit from your enhancements, be sure that you genuinely like your selections. Make them yours. There are countless combinations you can put together to create positive, pleasing results. Let your creativity and style really shine through while practicing Feng Shui. Your enhancements will always works best when you personally delight in them every time you see them."

Excerpt The Western Guide to Feng Shui, Terah Kathryn Collins

Top Ten Ch'i Enhancers from Terah is a great list of the basics helping you to discover enhancements that speak to you. Use what you have - love what you choose - and keep on doing great Feng Shui. Keep scrolling for more ideas...
Red Front Doors: The Feng Shui Cliche for a Reason
From Katie Rogers, "The color red in feng shui is considered the good luck color. It holds a TON of energy. Think of it as the super-charged attractor color. Yet it’s also protective. It’s an activator of sorts. You get the idea. If you’ve been ignoring some aspect of your life, the intense chi of the red front door won’t really let you get away with it any longer."

Can't paint of don't want a red door...Katie has a few ideas for that too.
The Best Place for a Feng Shui Plant
From Anjie Cho, "Plants are really having a moment right now! Working with plants is beautiful because they’re living things that you can cultivate, so they encourage you to invest in and take care of something outside of yourself. They also represent growth, vitality, and healing." 
Read more about the benefits of and how-tos for Feng Shui plants.
Art and Feng Shui
From Julie Schuster, "From a Feng Shui perspective, art has the ability propel positive energy and ignite the spirit. After all, “energy flows where the eye goes.” Hence, subject matter and positioning of creative works are both crucial elements to consider before investing in a significant piece of art.
Get simple tips from Julie about selecting the right imagery, thinking of the space, and balancing the elements.
What do Clogged or Leaky Drain Pipes mean in Feng Shui?
From Laura Cerrano, "In Feng Shui drain pipes relate to wealth and health (blood flow and the intestines, which also relates to the immune system). In regard to the reference of wealth, some may say leaky pipes is draining away your finances. Or, a clogged drain pipe could be backing up your finances, such as with not receiving payments on time, or perhaps your feeling overwhelmed with certain financial responsibilities.
Whoa. Home repairs are important in feng shui and this is just one example.
Feng Shui Tip: Command Position
“In feng shui, the command position of a room places you in the best place to deal with whatever comes into your life. When you are in the command position of a room, you can see the door. To set up the command position in any room, place the main piece of furniture—a couch, desk or bed—where you can see the door without being in a direct line with it.

The essence of this feng shui position is about being the commander of your own energy so that you do your best in any situation. It isn't about commanding others.
Do I have To?
From Jamie Bass, "Are you nervous to explore feng shui more deeply because you’re afraid you’ll have to do things to your space that you won’t want to? Or, worse, that you’ll discover you’ve been doing things that have actively been hurting your chances of getting what you want in life? What works for each of us is different, so it’s perfectly ok to interpret recommendations differently based on what might work for you. Feng shui is not a fear-based, standardized practice.
This is why we love Feng Shui.
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