December 2012

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it's very common for us to feel stressed out and over-committed during this time of year.  Shopping, decorating, partying, traveling, family get-togethers and merry-making can be overwhelming and exhausting. 

Before you plunge into this mad whirlwind, take some time to reflect about this holiday season.  How do you want to spend your time and resources this month?  What is important about this holiday season for you and your family? How many events can you attend and still maintain your equilibrium and health?

We want the holidays to be a special time for our family and friends. But, it's particularly important when we are so harried to protect our own health and well-being.  If we can let go of our expectations for the perfect holiday, we open ourselves up to new and unexpected ways to celebrate this season. 

So slow down, simplify and take time to truly enjoy this special time of year.

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The Season of Yin  

What happens in our natural world during Winter, the season of yin?  There are more hours of darkness, culminating on December 22, during the Winter Solstice. Plants have gone into their dormant cycle. Animals are hibernating or sleeping longer periods. Nature is storing up her energy in preparation for spring.

So, take a cue from nature and conserve your energy during this season.  Instead of frantically rushing around shopping and over-spending and partying and over-indulging, do less-- not more.

Although completely counter-cultural for this time of year, we need to take some time for ourselves to renew and recharge. Get more sleep, treat yourself to a massage, meditate and relax in a warm bath.  Eat healthy, warm homemade soups or stews, grains and root vegetables. Drink warming drinks such as hot cider, green tea and hot cocoa.  Engage in quiet activities like reading, working a puzzle, knitting or playing a board game.  Exercises such as yoga and tai chi are ideally suited for this time of year.

If you approach the holidays in a simpler and more meaningful way, you will be emulating the season as it was meant to be. Doing less will make you more available to family and friends. You will start the new year with less stress, better health and more energy.   

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Have a Wonderful, Magical and Happy Holiday!

All the best,
Tommi Cox-Phipps
Feng Shui Designer
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