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Feng Shui and Bells
Ring that Bell! This month we are talking about bells and why Feng Shui has such a love affair with this simple metal instrument. From the sound to the beauty, bells are known to lift positive energy while disseminating negative energy. Need a recharge? Ring that bell or chime and see how the sound affects you! We think you will love the way it makes you feel.

Bells BRRRRINGG Good Things
Bells are commonly used in Feng Shui for adjustments and for attracting energy and opportunities. Bells are used in many religious and spiritual practices as well. Bells even symbolize holidays such as Christmas or the winter season (think sleigh bells). There’s something magical about the sound of bells that makes you stop and listen. The sound of church bells ringing or a doorbell certainly gets your attention.

Bells represent movement and also have a calling or attraction energy. They can be used for protection and decision making as well. Brass bells are often recommended and you should personally like the sound or tone of the bell if it is something that you are using within your home or office.

So what about bells and Feng Shui? What can a little bell do for you?

Bells, excerpt from Space Clearing in Feng Shui
The sounds of a bell can be used to clear a room or entire homes.

Although a bell made of any kind of metal can be used, I find that a high quality brass bell is the best way to clear the energy in a room, because the sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time that you can actually hear it. The most important aspect of choosing a bell for space clearing is how it feels and sounds to you. The bell I use personally is a Korean bell that was received as a gift, and the personal association makes it especially powerful in attracting positive energy. Some people prefer silver bells because of their pure sound, and others select Tibetan bells because of their multidimensional sounds. The choice is up to you.

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Hang Feng Shui Bells to Invite Good Fortune into your Home or Office. The sound of bells brings balance and healing to any environment through the power of sound therapy. It breaks stagnant energy present in any room, and works to release blockages in our minds, bodies and spirits, bringing a sense of peace into tense situations or moments in life.

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~~Tina Falk, Director
Final Thoughts - The Feng Shui of Sound

Click the image below to hear and experience first hand the Feng Shui magic and beauty that sound can bring to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Bells and chimes make it happen!
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