We’ve all experienced the profound difference a new shade of paint can make in a room. Or how a red dress makes us feel as opposed to a light blue one. This is not to be undervalued! Colors have meaning and express a certain energy, and our subconscious is constantly taking cues.

Simply put, color is one of the most powerful tools used in feng shui.

Ode to the Color Red

What other color affirms life like you, Red? You represent life, love, and passion. You are the color of blood and therefore represent the flow of energy. When we spill anything red, we feel as though we are spilling life. It is no surprise, then, that you produce an increase in heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure in the body. 

And more...

Brighten Up Your Home with a Burst of Color

Choosing what colors to paint your walls can be stressful and confusing. Often it doesn’t turn out as planned. Should you just keep them white? In this post, I talk about how to bring color into your home and the surprising benefits of white walls. 

Excerpt from Mary Roberts's book, Jump Start Your College Success ...

Not just for back to school, the ideas and concepts of enlivening spaces, particularly smaller rooms, are found in Mary's words. "Your choices for color and lighting can balance your living space and have a big effect on how you feel and act."

Spotlight Feng Shui School Interview

About VIA Feng Shui from founder, Tina Falk…

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.

A: I’m not sure there was a defining moment that brought about awareness of “Feng Shui”. As a child, growing up in an unstable environment, I had an innate drive to make my bedroom my “safe place.” It was the only thing I felt I had any control over. Of course, I wouldn’t have known I was doing feng shui back then (starting in the late 60s), but I was extremely mindful of my surroundings and even how they influenced others. Everything had to be in its place. As a teen in the early 80’s, I was inspired one day after school to rearrange the furniture in our living room (it was just my mom and I). I often didn’t know what kind of mood she’d be in when she got home and was a bit nervous about how my idea of change would be received. Initially, her coming home was typical, but when she turned the corner to see the “new” living room she got a big smile on her face and complimented me saying she would have never thought of arranging the room like that. I felt the difference in her. In us...
Final Thoughts - The Feng Shui Guide to Color, from House Beautiful
Choosing a room color is never an easy decision. Do the hues make you happy? Do they work with the size of the room? Do they flatter you?

Follow this guide, you'll end up with colors that fit just right — they'll help your house work exactly as it should, and make you feel right at home.
  1. First, know the core role of color in Feng Shui.
  2. Start by considering who uses a room most often.
  3. Try "fire colors" in lively spaces. But don't choose red because you think it's "lucky."
  4. Calming hues belong in quieter rooms.
  5. If you yearn for a black room, strike a balance.
  6. Think twice about white.
  7. But don't fret if you only love neutral hues.
  8. Step outside your comfort zone.
  9. Be mindful of color pairings.
  10. Give paint colors a trial run before you make decision. Or, you might do better to add colorful accent pieces.
So many more juicy details and gorgeous photography make this a must-read.

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