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"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann
February 2017

Presenting "Change Your Space,
Change Your Life"
Are you getting anxious for Spring yet? I just got back from a nice break in Laguna Beach. It was wonderful to relax in the sun and recharge to get through the rest of Winter.

Although mostly beautiful weather, we did have a dramatic storm. The waves almost came up to the condo, they were so high and majestic.

Fun to watch - I've never experienced that there before, but there was some damage with flooding and trees down.

January 27-29, 2017
Last month, prepping for the Home Show was a lot of work, but once the dates arrived the US Bank Stadium was actually a relaxing atmosphere. It was fun to be there. My favorite part was the massage chair - I went there after my presentations!

Thank you to all friends who were able to come. It was great to have your support. Also a BIG thank you to my sons Jacob and Max for their support.

I'm extending the offer I made there to anyone who didn't have a chance to sign up after the event. See details below - it's a $310 value for $249. If you're interested in learning my "Fun" Shui way to change your space, and your life - this is an excellent deal.

Margie and me at the Show
Maybe one change you need is more romance in your life? Read the Feng Shui tips below for ways to be a magnet for love.

And finally, connecting us to nature's beauty,
below is Virtual Art Gallery Artist Kathleen Krishnan's work. If you long for the warmer months, these vibrant pieces will uplift your energy. 
W armest Regards,
Julie Ann
Interior Design/Feng Shui Consult

1 1/2 Hour In-Home Consult
with Julie Ann or Margieblock0


Hurry! Offer Expires 3/31/17
Romance Your Space              
In the mood for love?

Does your space feel the same way? If not - if it feels cluttered, drab, uninspired - the furthest thing from romantic - it's time for some "Fun" Shui changes to bring you more of what you want...(love, sweet love!).

To create a space in your home that supports romance, whether that be finding a partner or reconnecting with the one you've got, adjust the Feng Shui with these simple tips.
Featured Artist Kathleen Krishnan               
"Hidden Beach" by Kathleen Krishnan
Artist Kathleen Krishnan says that when it comes to art, she wants one thing only - to play with paint.

She delights in discovering all the surprising ways it allows her to express a lifetime of observation of things she considers charmingly beautiful.  

Self-described as an "intuitive representationalist oil painter," her work depicts fields and flowers.

Using oils, she loves to create space, flow and energy on a canvas.

Kathleen's work can be found both locally and nationally. Select solo pieces and collections are on exhibition throughout the Twin Cities.

Read more about Kathleen here or view her work in the Virtual Art Gallery

To purchase a piece, Contact Julie Ann


"Your home is your sanctuary.
Let it be beautiful."  
- Kathleen Krishnan


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