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Feng Shui for Work
Whether your work from home, in a busy corporate environment, or in a retail haven, Feng Shui at Work is a real thing. Work is where we can express creativity, live passions, and pound out our goals.

Find out more from our experts about how to set up your office for optimum advantage.
Four Tips for Creating a Success-Boosting Office

Maybe you have a job that allows you to work remotely, or you’re a fledgling entrepreneur working out of your home. Sure, it’s only too easy to work on the couch or at the kitchen table with your laptop, but if you are truly courting success in your career or business, a well-appointed home office could be key.

What do I mean by well appointed? Organized and functional, of course, but it’s also important that your home office look good and feel good too. If the space looks great, it telegraphs the message “success” (not just to those who visit, but also to your unconscious). And if it feels so good that you actually enjoy spending time in the room, you are going to be more productive.

Quick Tip #1 Office Furniture

If your office is a shared space, flexibility is key. So many times I see clients combine the purpose for a room. For example, a spare bedroom is also the office. If this sounds familiar you may want to invest in a foldaway sofa which allows you to maximize the office space when no guests are staying. Conversely, you may want to find ways of closing up your desk area when you do have guests. A built-in work space with hinged doors or a decorative screen bodes well. You can also transform an armoire into a study cabinet. This is a fantastic look that you can close up after your work day.

Feng Shui for your Office

Are you easily distracted while you study? Do you have trouble focusing? Do feel like you have zero control over your work life? You may have a home office or workspace that needs an energy adjustment. A big component to achieving success in your career, work or schooling is to set up a supportive and stable place to think, create and focus. You can create an office (even at home) built for success by using simple Feng Shui principles.

Tips and videos from Laura that will work for any office, inside or outside the home.

For Your Desk

Feng Shui your home. Check.
Feng Shui your business. Check.
Feng Shui your property. Check.
Feng Shui furniture? Yes.

Your desk is an ideal bagua placement. Set yourself up in the power position of the room and layout the bagua on the surface. See what fun and inspiration you can have. (Pin this)

More ideas on our Feng Shui Office and Career Board .
Quick Tip #2 for Cubicles

Add a living plant to your space. Since many cubicle-dwellers can’t see a window while they are working, it’s important to add at least one living plant to your cubicle to connect you with the natural, living world outside. Place the plant at least 3 feet from your computer to correct any negative electromagnetic energy that it generates. If possible, place a plant on the floor on both sides of your doorway to form a threshold and usher the positive chi into your space. Plants that work well in an office include peace lily, philodendron, and lucky bamboo.

Final Thoughts... Revisioning Your WorkSpace
As Feng Shui professionals, we are often called to look at a client's space beyond the typical approaches of arrangements, enhancements, balance and energy. Sometimes, it's a nudge to think outside the box and promote a lifestyle change.

This very thing happened to our own Sugeet. With the rise of sedentary lifestyles and more screen time, it's more important than ever to think about how your office space can serve you differently.

Read Sugeet's story, The Impact of a Stand Desk and how he came to make a huge shift in his workspace, creating a new sense of focus and productivity he didn't expect.
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