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Feng Shui Fun in the Summertime    
Welcome to my annual combine July-August issue. Long-time readers know the drill: I like to re-purpose previous articles in this issue so you can go about the business of vacationing. And, because schools seem to start earlier each year, I always like to include something about kids' rooms in this summer issue.

Summer is a good time to reset your Feng Shui energy, so enjoy your time away from home. Don't forget to smell some roses!  
The ezine will be back to full strength in September!    

Carol M. Olmstead, FSIA
Feng Shui Master Practitioner
Feng Shui For All Seasons  

Feng Shui Tip for July-August: Balance Yin and Yang in Summer
It's summertime, and to paraphrase the old song, the living is not always easy.
In Feng Shui, the high temperatures and bright sunshine of summer are associated with hot, yang energ y. On t he positive side , this makes us want to socialize (margaritas on the patio) and adds passion to ou r lives (summer romance, whether real or vicariously in "beach books'). But, too much Fire can also ha ve the opposite effect. It can make us feel tired, listless, and just plain burned out.
To balance this str on g energy, your focus should be on cooling down your home and workplace by adding the counterbalancing yin, or quieter, energy. One simple way to add yin to your home is by switching to white or cool er color sheets. In your workplace, turn off t he overhead lights and let natural daylight illuminate your s pace instead of the hard metal energy of fluorescent lights.   
Here are a few more of my favorite summer tips for balancing the yin and yang energies of summer.  
  • Colors: If your home décor colors are hot, like reds, purples, and oranges, balance them with lighter accents of ice blue or pale green in bedspreads and throw pillows, or in tablecloths and napkins for a calming and cooling effect.
  • Ceiling Fan: The harsh, corkscrew energy of a fan located directly over your bed can cause pain or illness. To balance this effect, hang a crystal from the pull chain to lessen the cutting force.
  • Cooking: It's good to use a microwave or outdoor grill in hot weather, but it's also important to use your stove occasionally, because an unused stove implies untapped resources or ignored opportunities.
  • Outdoor Living: Your covered deck or porch is considered part of your home in Feng Shui, so choose the highest quality outdoor furniture you can afford, and keep it clean and in good condition throughout the summer.
  • Workplace: Before you pack up your office and leave for summer vacation, give your desk drawer a vacation from clutter by tossing non-usable items, like dried-up pens, pencils with worn-down erasers, and bent paper clips.  
  • Vacation: When you're on vacation, your empty house becomes filled with passive, yin energy that can draw negative energies like burglars. To balance this, set timers to turn on several lights at different times. You can set another timer to a radio set to a talk station to create active, yang energy in the house. Click here to read how to Feng Shui your hotel room.
You'll find more summer tips in the "Calendar of 366 Feng Shui Tips" in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office: Secrets for Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love. 
Clutter Clinic
Ten Things to Do for 10 Minutes
I often write about how a cluttered house makes you exhausted and frustrated. Yes, I do understand that when you come home from a frustrating day and you're exhausted, the last thing you want to tackle is a complex clutter-clearing project. That's why I'm sharing these 10 simple clutter-busting actions from Unclutterer that you can start and finish whenever you have 10 minutes to fill:  
  1. Organize your sock drawer. Get rid of socks that have holes, are stained, or are singletons.
  2. Clean out the area under your kitchen sink. I know you don't even like looking in there, but it's time to get rid of things like almost-used-up bottles of cleaning products.
  3. Collect your pet's toys. Designate one basket or box in the house for all of the toys; if you can't do that, put a collection box or basket in each room.
  4. Sort through your magazines. Decide which ones stay, which ones get tossed, and which ones you can cancel and read online. 
  5. Clear out your "to be watched" list. Check your favorites list on your Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming accounts, then delete the movies and TV series you'll never watch.
  6. Start a load of laundry. If you can't stuff one more thing in the hamper, now's the time to start at least one load.
  7. Straighten out the trunk of your car. It doesn't matter how it got there in the first place, if you no longer need to driver around with an item, take a few minutes and return it to its original place.
  8. Remove wire hangers from your closets. Those things multiply overnight, don't they? Time to pull them out of the closet and take them to the dry clearner for recycling.
  9. Post an ad. Choose a site like Freecycle.com and post an ad to give away your stuff to people who need it.
  10. Sit in silence and do nothing. Uncluttering your mind is just as important as uncluttering your home.
Success Story
Here's another success story from my forthcoming book, Feng Shui to the Rescue.
Briana's Clears Out Her Closets 
The first thing Briana talked about when I arrived for her home consultation was how she couldn't meet the right guy. The first thing I noticed was that her closets were so overloaded there was no room for his clothes and personal things when she did find him. When I asked what she was holding on to, she admitted she had trouble getting rid of things from past boyfriends. When we went to her bedroom, Briana pulled down a box of costume jewelry from the top shelf of her bedroom closet, which included things like a bracelet from a high school boyfriend. I explained to Briana that she needed to get rid of everything she was holding on to from all of her "Mr. Wrongs" in order to make room for the one and only "Mr. Right" to enter her life.
Here is what Briana wrote:
Your message came through loud and clear. I started with the dreaded master bedroom closet. I couldn't believe what I found there, like a tee shirt some guy had given me when we playe d on the same softball team, photos of guys I don't even remember, and some more pieces of jewelry that had sentimental meaning at one time, but that sentiment was long gone. I took no prisoners...the jewelry all went to my little niece for dress up and the rest of the stuff went out. You guessed it - not long after I finished the bedroom closet, I met this really grea t guy at party in my apartment complex. Not sure why I hadn't noticed him before, but maybe everything was just too cluttered for him to find me. How's that for my new "Feng Shui speak!" 
Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: I love your tips and regularly read your monthly. I recently noticed creaking of my bathroom door. Next thing you know, I open my kitchen cabinet door and it creaks. Then I remembered a cabinet door in my bathroom, which I use daily, has been creaking for a while now. So, I was wondering what creaking doors denotes and will get out the oil to fix them. Thank you for your energy, your sharing, and the light you shine on the world.
A: Doors represent opportunities, so whenever they're blocked, stuck, or creaking it symbolizing restricting new opportunities. There's also a Feng Shui thought that says creaking doors could relate to creaking joints. I wouldn't read too much symbolism into the fact that you have more than one creaking door unless you are feeling blocked or experiencing joint pain. Since one door has been creaking for a while, it could simply be the effect of weather, climate, or aging (the cabinets, not necessarily you). The Feng Shui solution is a practical one: get some WD-40 and lubricate the hinges regularly. When your doors open smoothly, it assures that nothing will hold you back.  
Q: What colors are best for the walls in a child's bedroom?
A: My general recommendation for a wall color in a child's bedroom is to choose one that most closely resembles a "skin tone" to encourage peaceful sleep. That means colors ranging from ivory to mahogany. Soft, warm colors create a sense of stability for a child, so it's best to avoid cold colors like pure white or gray.
Q: My daughter is starting kindergarten next month, but she is  uncomfortable around new people. Is there anything Feng Shui can do to help her feel more relaxed.
A. You can use the colors  of  the Feng Shui Elements as accessories in your daughter's bedroom to help her feel more secure. First, surround her with blue, the Water Element, to calm her and lessen the anxiety. Add a lot of green, the Wood Element, to help her grow, and some shades of brown, the Earth Element, to help her feel grounded at home. Finally, add some gold accents to enhance her self-esteem. Dress her with shades of pink to reassure her that she is loved.
Feng Shui Consulting

Home, Office & Business Consulting

Find out how my Feng Shui consultations can help you rearrange your space, shift energy, an d transform your life. I offer on-site consulting for home or office and business. My off-site consulting options include phone and Skype consultations, floor plan analysis, and the popular Room Rescue, designed for one room of you r home or a single office.

All sessions include 30 days of free Feng Shui coaching by phone and email to help you continue to make changes and move forward.

People Are Talking About Carol's Feng Shui Consultations:
I followed your suggestions and cleared out everything that didn't remind me of success. Thank you for helping me to enjoy going to work again and for helping me to triple my income. --JP

Yesterday, a person came who worked for me a couple of years ago. When she walked in, she said, "Your house feels so good. It always was lovely, but it feels even better now." How about that? I have only started to make the Feng Shui changes you recommended during the consultation and already everything feels so much better! --SD

Just wanted you to know the open house at my store was a huge success with the help of the changes you suggested at our consultation. Thanks again for all of your help. --JW
Feng Shui Workshops
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Modern Coping Skills for Women
Using art, personal energy, and Feng Shui  
to find inner calm in a chaotic world.
Looking for calm in a chaotic world? This workshop is for you!   
Feng Shui Master Practitioner Carol Olmstead and Clinical Mental Health Counselor Nancy Olson will help you distance yourself from negativity, clear mental clutter, and achieve inner peace. The workshop takes place in a beautiful, healing setting, and includes a gourmet lunch option.
Your will learn how to: 
... Identify your own "energy vampires" 
... Distance yourself from negativity 
... Reinvigorate your coping skills 
... Use the support of friends and community 
... Experience art as healing 
... Create a Feng Shui home sanctuary
... Enjoy the power of place as relaxation 
... Thrive despite troubled times 
... Develop a positive world view 
... Find guilt-free self-care strategies
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Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office: Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love
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This award-winning book contains my best Feng Shui advice in one place, including Feng Shui basics, success stories, a monthly guide to clutter clearing, and a tip-a-day calendar of 366 Feng Shui secrets. Available in print and electronic editions.
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People Are Talking About Carol's Book: 
Thank you for writing such a brilliant book. I have just finished reading it and thoroughly enjoyed every page. I am very much looking forward to trying out your tips. Although I am also a Feng Shui practitioner, I love that there is always more to learn and tips that I haven't seen or learned before. I will definitely recommend your book to my clients! --PG
It's the first time in years that I carry a book with me just in case I can read another page or two at a stoplight or wherever! When I read it at home, I read a bit and then start scouting for places in our little loft that I can declutter! --SE
Your book is my bible! I finished your amazing book and constantly refer to it. Currently I am listening to your video class, which I find extremely informative. --TN  
Video Class - Grow Your Business with Feng Shui

My 90-minute, self-paced course includes tips for activating the Career/Work bagua area, along with simple changes you can make in your home that will advance your career or business. You'll learn six amazing tips that will help you create a space that supports you and your business. Watch as I use Feng Shui principles to conduct a hands-on transformation of a client's workplace and create a dynamic home office that opens the door to success.
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le Are Talking About Carol's Videos & Podcasts: 
Carol, you're a rock star! I loved listening to the
podcast of your interview with "Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels," so I took your class. You continue to be an inspiration to me and have forever changed the way I arrange each home I've lived in since I first heard you speak in 2012. Keep up the good work! --GO

I took your class and watched several of your videos. Excellent! You have an absolute warm and welcoming approach. No wonder you are so successful. --CW  
This video class is nothing short of a delicious treat for your career. I loved it! Great practical pieces of advice. Well-taught in a fun, inspiring way. --RW 
Beyond Feng Shui
Words That Command Respect
From Dictionary.com, here's a well-timed blog that features 10 words that command respect:
  1. Benevolence.
    Think of a friend who puts in extra hours at their favorite charity. Dating back to the 1400s, this word is from Old French benivolence, meaning "good feeling, good will, kindness." 
  2. Empathy. The word empathy is derived from the Ancient Greek word empatheia, meaning "physical affection or passion." Think of the person who can not only sympathize with you, but can deeply feel and understand what you're going through.
  3. Ardor. The word comes from the Latin ardor, meaning "burning or heat." Think of how you feel hearing someone speak with particular enthusiasm.
  4. Tenacity. Have you ever met someone who refuses to back down when an obstacle presents itself? That's tenacity. The word stems from the Latin tenāx, meaning "holding fast."
  5. Audacity. This is the word for someone who can skydive, bungee jump, or speak in front of a massive crowd with ease. The word comes from the late Middle English audacite, which means "daring."
  6. Efficacy. There's nothing more inspiring than seeing someone create a goal and execute it with grace. The term comes from the Latin efficacia, meaning "efficacy or efficiency," and from efficax, meaning "powerful or effective."
  7. Resiliency. Sure, it's always envious to watch someone lead a seemingly easy life. But, when someone can recover from setbacks, that's resiliency. The word comes from the Latin resiliens, meaning "to rebound or recoil."
  8. Integrity. Do you have a friend who refuses to cheat at a game, even if they could get away with it and not get caught? That's integrity for you. The word comes from the French intégrité or Latin integritas, meaning "intact."
  9. Generosity. Someone who always seems to put others' needs before their own is showing generosity. The term originates from the Latin generositatem and means, "nobility, goodness of race."
  10. Civility. For their final word commanding respect, Dictionary.com chose "civility." Sometimes, there's nothing that earns more respect than a person who can handle a civil matter with others, no matter how tense the situation may be.
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