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October 2021

Red Returning
If you've ever met me or watched my webinars or videos, one thing is immediately obvious: I am especially fond of the color red. To be precise, I can't get enough of colors with names like burgundy, claret, merlot, and especially bordeaux. You see it in the border of this newsletter and on my website and in my logo. Yes, those are burgundy glasses in my photo. When I needed a prescription change last month, I found a fabulous pair of frames in a beautiful shade of blue. Could Carol actually switch to Water Element blue glasses? Yes, I could! But oh, before I also found another style in burgundy and bought them, too. What can I say, I don't have many obsessions other than this color. It's my brand.

At the start of the pandemic, I realized that I would be doing my own manicures for quite some time. (Yes, I know the world is divided among those people who like polish and those who don't - but just go with me here.) So I switched from my longtime favorite "Bordeaux" to a pale pink called "Ballet Slippers." I've kept my pale nails for almost 18 months despite feeling that it was never quite right. But what was right during the worst of the pandemic? (I've since learned that "Ballet Slippers" is the color Queen Elizabeth has always worn, but that's a subject for another column.) Last month, I masked up and went to my salon for the long-needed return of my red nails. Then, I bought a new burgundy wallet.

OK, I won't keep you waiting any longer to hear the good things that came from all of this red. When I got back from that manicure, I opened my email and there were consultation requests: one from a long-time client and others from two new clients, including one who wants me to customize a webinar for her company. Webinars are my favorite Feng Shui activity. And more good things started happening, but most important, I started to feel more like myself again.

Is red your color? Will a touch of this Fire Element color do the same for you?

Try adding a little of this Fire Element color to the "power wall" areas of your home and workplace - that's the Wealth, Future, and Love bagua areas - then email me with stories of what happens as a result; I’ll feature your experience in an upcoming newsletter. No manicure required!

For years, I've been collecting "red wallet success stories" from clients, students, and readers who have followed my tip to buy a new red wallet. Check out this month's Success Story for one of my favorites.

Happy October! I hope you get the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather - and the scarlet and burgundy autumn leaves.

Carol M. Olmstead, FSIA
Feng Shui Master Practitioner
Transition with the Changing Season  
We're finally moving into the crisp autumn weather where I live. Many clients tell me that autumn is their favorite season because of the dramatic color change around them. But, as you start to spend more time inside, you can feel some negative effects from the shorter days and limited daylight. This is especially the case if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and are challenged by the limited daylight. That makes fall the perfect time to try a few Feng Shui adjustment to help transition into the new season. If you find yourself spending more time indoors, begin some of those indoor projects you put off during the warmer months, especially clearing clutter. Removing what you don't need can have a profound effect. 

Try these 10 simple ways to help you welcome the approaching season:

  1. Replace your doormat to help attract fresh new opportunities to come in your door.
  2. Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street so positive chi can always find you, especially with the earlier darkness.
  3. Pull up dead flowers in your garden or window box, which represent stale chi, and replace them with colorful mums or hardy pansies that will give you active chi until the first frost.
  4. Frequently remove leaves from your roof and gutters.
  5. Remove vines that are growing on your house. The image of an ivy-covered cottage may be romantic, but vines growing on your home symbolize something eating away at your life. This is also a good time to prune large limbs that grow over the top of your house, because they symbolize issues weighing down on you.
  6. Display a bowl of red apples in your kitchen to symbolize that your home will always have food and you can always afford to feed your family.
  7. Clear the cobwebs from the outdoor furniture before you cover it for the winter. These symbolize being so wrapped up and stuck that you can't move forward.
  8. Open your windows daily during the cooler months - even for a few minutes - to let in fresh air and to circulate the chi.
  9. Rearrange your furniture, even if it's only moving the sofa a few inches closer to the window or the lamp to a different side of the table, to bring new energy into your rooms.
  10. Burn scented candles to change your perspective for a new season: vanilla to make a room feel comforting, peppermint to curb your appetite, strawberry to boost energy and make you want to exercise, a floral fragrance to enhance learning, or pine to enhance well-being.
6 Types of Clutter
How do you decide what's clutter and what's a keeper? Sometimes we get so used to having things around that think we don't realize how they are cluttering up our space. The Spruce website offers these six types of home clutter, with tips on what to do about it. Of course I've added a Feng Shui spin to the categories.
  1. Clutter Without a Place. This type of clutter includes things you want to keep, but you haven't found a place for them. It also includes items you've purchased but have never used. The Feng Shui solution is to set a timer for 10 minutes, then go through your house and pick up these items one by one. If you decide to keep something, find a place for it. When the timer goes off, you're done for the day. Start again tomorrow. By the end of one week, if you still have items without homes, find out if you can return them. If not, donate them.
  2. Trash Masquerading as Clutter. It's good Feng Shui to use everything you own. That means setting up rules for how long you'll keep an unused item before tossing it. For example, consider getting rid of a newspaper after three days and a magazine after one month. If you have items that need repair, give yourself one month to take care of them; if not, let them go. Consult your tax professional about how long you need to keep certain financial records.
  3. Bargain Items You Never Needed. This category includes bargain items you got on sale and promotional items that came in the mail or giveaways from events. If you're never going to use it or gift it, the item wasn't a bargain. If you already have someone in mind to receive the item, pick it up. If not, don't take it. Go through your collection of items to see which you can donate to shelters, then put the rest in the recycling bin.
  4. Bulk Clutter. Buying items in bulk because you think you may get caught short results in large amounts of unused products. It's understandable that this type of "abundance clutter" made us feel more secure during the lockdown periods of the pandemic, and again now that there are worldwide supply chain shortages. Take stock of your "stock" of paper goods, pet foods, toiletries, etc., and only buy in bulk when you know it's a product you'll keep using. In Feng Shui, if your shelves are tightly packed, you have no room for new and better opportunities to find you.
  5. Aspirational Clutter. This category includes those things you accumulate to help you change, to develop a skill, or to change perspective but never actually use. One example is the "coffee table" book you purchased to keep on display but never actually read. The best way to deal with this clutter is to avoid buying it in the first place. You can also follow my "1-Out/1-In" rule and never bring anything new into your home until you remove one similar item.
  6. Sentimental Clutter. If you hesitate to toss your child's baby toys or the formal dinnerware you inherited but never use, that's sentimental clutter. It's the hardest clutter to eliminate because it relates to feelings about loved ones and memories. The Feng Shui suggestion is to take photos of your sentimental items so you'll have a digital record, then choose a few to keep as mementos. Offer the remaining items to family members, and donate want they don't want.
Q: I’ve just left a job where I worked for 40 years! I’ve always been interested in Feng Shui and I declutter my home periodically. I’m currently decluttering my filing cabinet. I will be looking for consulting projects so I need to keep some files for research, but I want to replace my old, dull hanging folders with purple folders. Is purple a good Feng Shui choice?
A: First, give some thought to how many printed files you actually need and how many you can digitize. Then, when you have reduced the number of files you have to store, use the Feng Shui Elements to decide on folder color: red, orange, and deep purple are Fire Element colors that represent wealth, passion, and emotion. Browns and yellows are Earth Element colors for grounding and stability. White and pastels are the Metal Element colors for strength and independence. Black and deep blues are the Water Element colors for inspiration and relaxation. Greens and teals are the Wood Element colors for growth and expansion. When you make room in your file cabinet by eliminating folders, you make room for new and better projects to find you.

Q: My washer and dryer are in the wealth corner of my house. I've organized the area, but is there anything else to do to keep prosperity from draining away? And /or can you recommend an enhancement for the area? Thanks so much! 
A: You’re right to be concerned about your wealth and prosperity either draining or "washing" away when you have a washer in your Wealth area. This bagua area is activated by the Fire Element, so too much of the Water Element in this area could extinguish your Fire energy and symbolically limit your wealth. You can balance the area by painting a wall in a Fire Element color (red, hot orange, or deep purple), adding accent items in those colors, or, displaying triangular shapes and images to represent Fire that "dries up" the excess water. The Wood Element also works here because it “drinks up” water. You could add the color green, living plants, or images with trees and flowers. Avoid adding more of the Water Element, which would be deep blues and blacks and images of water. And of course, if there are any drips or leaks fix them immediately because they represent wealth "going down the drain."
Ruby Buys a New Red Wallet
For years, I've been collecting "red wallet success stories" from clients, students, and readers who have followed this tip: If you want to attract wealth, buy yourself a new red wallet. The color red represents wealth and abundance, and a new, uncluttered wallet makes room for that wealth to flow into your life. My own red wallet is starting to show wear, so last month, I treated myself to a new one. What perfect timing to share one of my favorite red wallet stories:
Here's what Ruby wrote:
This is long overdue, but I just had to get this to you since the red wallet advice is still working! I just landed ANOTHER client who wrote a check to secure my services right away. At the beginning of the year, I was a bit worried about my business and my finances. You suggested that I carry a red wallet with a $50 bill stashed away in it. That immediately made a difference, and I received 2 job offers and got 2 new clients in that same month! I just finished a project for one of those clients, and they recommended me to someone else. I met with them yesterday and they hired me immediately. Since I got my new red wallet, I've felt more confident regarding my finances. I feel I have plenty of money to be able to buy exactly what I need. What a difference the red wallet made! And duh, it never occurred to me before that a ruby-red wallet was obviously the right choice for me considering my name.
Feng Shui Fixers
Feng Shui Cures to Attract Wealth, Harmony, Love...and More!

The Feng Shui Fixer series includes one-of-a-kind creations that are designed as simple and beautiful Feng Shui "cures" and adjustments. These art pieces can be placed in a specific bagua area of a home or workplace to fix a Feng Shui issue, or to attract wealth, harmony, love, and so much more.

Each unique Feng Shui Fixer starts with an imported vintage silk kimono textile. Then, it is embellished with embroidery floss, silk ribbon, vintage or new glass beads, natural stones, or specially-selected charms. There are florals, geometrics, abstracts, and freestyle! Every Feng Shui Fixer comes ready to hang in a natural wood, hand-stained, or flexible frame. Or, you can display one or a collection of them on a table-top easel. Each design includes a small mirror on the back that symbolically pushes away any negative issues and helps attract positive energy.

The collection will also feature a series of Feng Shui "Spirals" that are especially useful to cure or correct for the missing Career/Self/Work bagua area.

Use one Feng Shui Fixer to solve a Feng Shui problem, or group them to enhance the energy in a specific bagua area. The chose is yours.

Feng Shui Fixer for October
Title: "Blue and Silver Sampler"
Target Issues: Enhance your career or bring new clients into your business.
Materials: Metallic and cotton embroidery floss and Czech glass beads on imported vintage kimono silk textile
Size: 6" round
Framing: Flexible frame with hanger, ready to hang
Shipping & Handling: FREE
Feng Shui to the Rescue: Rearrange Your Space, Shift Your Energy, Transform Your Life!

My newest book! I have included more than 400 answers to the questions that you - my clients, students, and readers - have been asking for the past 20 years. These are new questions, in addition to those I answered in my first book. I've also included 30 Success Stories (also new!) and 24 sets of topic-specific tips I call Fast 5 to help you avoid problems in the first place. 

The book covers the most-asked topics, like these and more:
* Love (finding it, losing it, finding it again)
* Wealth (making it, keeping it)
* Harmony (maintaining it, especially during the holidays)
* Clutter (tidying up)
* Careers & Business (finding jobs and clients)
* Mirrors (placing or removing them)
* Bedrooms & Beds (encouraging sleep)
* Real Estate (buying or selling a home)

Your book is such a treasure trove for me. I love how it's structured --well that makes sense!-- and I feel like I'm imbibing yummy vitamins when I learn new principles on every page, and am further rewarded by the quotations at the end of the sections. I just cannot imagine all the work that went into it as you teach readers, from scratch, these ancient and newly respected concepts and philosophies. What an accomplishment!
--Jessica Greenbaum, PoemsInCommunity.org
Publisher's Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $12.95

Quick Guide Cover

Feng Shui Quick Guide for Home and Office: Secrets for Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love

Still going strong after 10+ years! This is my award-winning book that includes easy-to-follow basics, plus secrets to make the practical magic of Feng Shui work for you. This practical and easy-to-understand volume includes success stories from real people who followed these tips with big results. I've also included a tip-a-day calendar with 366 tips (there's one for leap year) to help you attract wealth, achieve harmony, improve relationships, advance your career, and clear clutter every day of the year. As a bonus, there's a month-by-month guide to clutter clearing.

The Feng Shui Quick Guide for Home and Office is the perfect gift for everyone on your list: clients, colleagues, family, friends, and you. Plus, it's a great way for real estate agents to say "thank you" to sellers and to welcome buyers into their new home.

I used to be a Feng Shui consultant; I'm now retired. I read about this new book and thought it would be a good one to brush up my Feng Shui with. (I already have about 50 books on Feng Shui.) I was very pleased to find that this was not just a re-hash of all the other books. It is a really good synopsis of the important points in Feng Shui, in a style that is easy to understand and apply. The author has done us all a real service in writing this one.

Publisher's Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $11.95

365 Feng Shui Secrets: Daily Tips to Attract Wealth, Harmony, and Love

I've revised my ebook! Want to earn more money? Yearning to rev-up your love life? Looking to create family harmony? Need to control clutter before it controls you? Or do you just need a good night's sleep? The simple Feng Shui advice in 365 Feng Shui Secrets can bring all this and more. For example, you will learn how to do the “Feng Shui Fling” at the beginning of the year (January 1), discover why you shouldn’t keep shoes near your front door (March 16), find out how to get a good night’s sleep (August 20), and read what gifts to give and avoid giving for the holidays (December 6). The tips cover all the seasons, holidays, and celebrations of your life. The calendar of tips in this e-book cover people and pets; love, marriage, parenting, divorce, remarriage, and blended families; your home, your office, and your car; your bedrooms, bathrooms, and every room in your house; your clothes and your closets. This ebook includes tips to help strengthen your relationships with your spouse and your children, your friends and your family, and even some advice if your loved ones are deployed overseas.

I was so excited when reading this book, that I started moving items around in my home immediately. I have tried to learn Feng Shui several times before, but it always seemed too complex. This book made it easy and is for any American lifestyle and decor style!

Amazon Kindle Price: $5.99
Virtual Consultations Available!

"Feng Shui - Your Way"
When you have Feng Shui questions about your home, office, business, or workspace that go beyond the basics and you need to speak to the Feng Shui Expert, this virtual consulting option is for you! I will customize advice for the way you want to live in your home, or work in your workspace.

We'll schedule a 1-hour Zoom, FaceTime, or phone call to answer your questions and help you rearrange your space, shift your energy, and transform your life. It's your choice—ask about any room, any situation, any clutter-clearing problem, or any issue that needs a little Feng Shui TLC.

The "Feng Shui - Your Way" consultation includes:
  • Review of photos or a short video of your space.
  • 1-hour consultation by Zoom, phone, or FaceTime.
  • Personalized Feng Shui advice and guidance.
  • Follow-up coaching check-in so you stay on track.

After you register for the consultation, you'll receive instructions for creating a short video or taking photos of your space, and for scheduling the session. During the consultation, I'll give you practical recommendations to rearrange, reorganize, and reuse what you already have, plus a plan to bring Feng Shui harmony to your space. You can take notes or record the session.

"Feng Shui - Your Way" recommendations typically cover this and more:
  • Re-arranging furniture
  • Picking the right decorations
  • Selecting and hanging artwork
  • Choosing the right color
  • Finding storage solutions
  • Dealing with clutter
  • Correcting lighting
  • Working at home
  • Locating your office power position
  • Setting up an at-home classroom
  • Re-purposing what you already own

This virtual consulting service is effective and can transform your life!

Click on the link below to schedule your consultation!
"Feng Shui for the New Hybrid Workplace"

The new way of working is here to stay. Employees are continuing to work at home, returning to the workplace, or experiencing a combination of both. This hybrid experience is different for each member of the team. The good news is that a few real-world Feng Shui tips can help them achieve balance between their personal and work lives.

For more than 23 years, I have inspired diverse groups ranging from 5 to 500 with my in-person workshops. Now, I'm offering customized versions of the same presentations via Zoom. I have taught thousands of clients, readers, and students the simple secrets of using Feng Shui to improve their lives and careers, and now I can teach them to you and your group via Zoom. The "Feng Shui for the New Hybrid Workplace" webinar is specially designed to meet the needs of the new hybrid workforce.

This 1-hour session will show each employee how to make Feng Shui “go to work” for them. They will learn how to rearrange their space, shift their energy, and achieve calm in this rapidly-changing world. In this fun and informative session, I share simple and often low-cost tips for using Feng Shui to transform both a home and workplace office. There will be plenty of time for questions.

I will customize the webinar for your group, but a typical session includes:
  • Overview
  • Group Icebreaker
  • Five Power Principles
  • Transformation Tools
  • Top 10 Tips
  • Resources
  • Q&A

All my webinars include customized training that I create to meet the specific needs of your organization, office, or group.

I also offer this and other training on a one-to-one basis for individuals. Click here for frequently-requested workshops and webinar topics, and email for details.

People are talking about Carol's Feng Shui Webinars for the New Workplace!
Thank you so much for hosting such a great presentation today. We’ve received really positive feedback from everyone, and I’m so happy to know there are small steps I can take to really feel more comfortable and positive every day.
– EG, Operations Manager, Washington, DC
Thank you again for the webinar yesterday. We got great feedback and tons of excitement around it. We hope to have you back sometime soon.
– AJH, Senior Manager, New York, NY

Feng Shui for Your Office
Take a look at the video I did for the "Interview with the Experts" series for Interior Motions, a custom office design firm in California. I share tips for bringing Feng Shui into any office. I also talk about the Five Power Principles of Feng Shui, how any office can implement these principles to increase productivity, and what you should avoid doing when arranging an office. And of course, I talk about avoiding clutter in the workplace.

Grow Your Business with Feng Shui
My 90-minute, self-paced video course includes tips for activating the Career/Work bagua area, along with simple changes you make at home to advance your career or business. You'll learn six amazing tips to help you create a space that supports you and your business. Watch as I use Feng Shui principles to conduct a hands-on transformation of a client's workplace and create a dynamic home office that opens the door to success.

People Are Talking About Carol's Classes: 

Carol, you're a rock star! I loved listening to the podcast of your interview with "Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels," so I took your class. You continue to be an inspiration to me and have forever changed the way I arrange each home I've lived in since I first heard you speak in 2012. Keep up the good work! -

I took your class and watched several of your videos. Excellent! You have an absolute warm and welcoming approach. No wonder you are so successful. 
This video class is nothing short of a delicious treat for your career. I loved it! Great practical pieces of advice. Well-taught in a fun, inspiring way. 
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