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November 2023

Feng Shui Concern

I was working the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle when I got to 69 across, 4 letters: "Feng Shui Concern." And I'm stumped. My head can't get past "chi" and "placement," which are way too many letters. I work a few answers around it and then I realize, "Duh, it's "flow"! Isn't that the appropriate word for our troubled times?

We all continue to deal with the concerns of a chaotic world, and "flow" is certainly a part of helping find a way to bring as much peace and harmony into our spaces as we can. I searched through all three of my books, and found that I used the word "flow" quite frequently. Makes sense, since the words feng and shui mean the flow of wind and water.

One of the basic tenets of Feng Shui is that nothing new flows into your life until you make room for it. So, I thought this month I would share 10 of the hundreds of tips in my books that can help you attract a flow of positive energy:

  1. Surround yourself with the color blue to calm you and to encourage the flow of good energy around you.
  2. Clean out a closet today to make room for good things to flow into your life.
  3. Open your front door every day to encourage new energy, and consequently new wealth, to flow into your house.
  4. Place a fountain or picture of flowing water in the foyer near the front door to attract the flow of positive energy into the house.
  5. Throw away 27 things in your workplace to create an opening for success to flow into your career. The number 3 is auspicious because it's the number of sides to a triangle, the powerful symbol representing the Fire Element that activate wealth, and 27 is a powerful permutation of this number.
  6. If you aren't sleeping well, remove anything stored under the bed to allow energy to flow and to encourage sleep. If you must use that space for storage, keep only soft things like linens or out of season clothes under the bed.
  7. Place artwork that shows a river so that water flows into your home rather than out, retaining wealth in your house rather than draining it.
  8. Clean out the top drawer of your desk today to make room for new opportunities to flow into your career tomorrow.
  9. Keep one-quarter of your storage area (basement, attic, offsite) open to encourage new ideas, relationships, and opportunities to flow your way.
  10. Discard torn and stained items in your office, because they represent disregard for your work, and they block the flow of new business.

How are you dealing with stress? What Feng Shui changes are you making to increase the flow of positive chi? Send me your thoughts, and I'll share them in a future newsletter.

Happy Holiday Season! I hope a little Feng Shui goes a long way to help you enjoy the flow of family, friends, and fun this year. Check out the newest Feng Shui Fixers for sale prices on holiday gift ideas.

Carol Olmstead

Feng Shui Master Practitioner




Feng Shui for Your Kitchen

This is the time of year when our focus shifts to preparing food for our friends and family. A clean, bright, and clutter-free kitchen is a symbol of good health and prosperity in Feng Shui. Here are a few things you can do to create a Feng Shui kitchen in any home:


Choose the Right Colors. Use bright, sunny, and earthy colors like yellow or terracotta to feel grounded in your kitchen. Use the color red sparingly, because your stove, microwave, and other appliances generate plenty of the Fire Element.


Take Care of Your Stove. The stove is associated with wealth, so it's important to keep all cooking surfaces clean. Immediately fix nonworking burners, and if you have a favorite burner, try using a different one occasionally to symbolize taking full advantage of all of your financial resources. Hang a mirror behind your stove or display a shiny teakettle to symbolically double the number of burners and double your wealth.


Control Water. Water symbolizes the flow of wealth, so a leaky faucet means money "going down the drain." Fix your leaks to stop the drain on your finances. If your sink and stove are located across from each other it also represents a financial drain. Place a small, nickel size mirror on the stove to reflect away the water, or place a green rug on the floor between them.


Display Fresh Flowers and Fruit. Display fresh flowers, healthy plants, or bowls of fruit in your kitchen to represent vitality. The classic Feng Shui recommendation is a bowl of nine oranges. Plants like lucky bamboo help clean and purify the air, so place them in the corners of a dark kitchen, between the sink and the stove, and on top of the refrigerator.


Light Your Kitchen. If you don't have a lot of natural lighting, brighten up your kitchen with pendants, chandeliers, recessed lights, track lighting, or under-cabinet lighting. Avoid fluorescent lighting because it represents harsh, cutting energy. You can also hang a mirror across from the window to attract more light into a small kitchen.


Separate Food and Cleaning Supplies. Avoid storing your brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies out in the open or near your food, because this represents symbolically "sweeping away" your good health. It's okay to keep your trash under the sink, but be sure to use the smallest size container you can live with and empty it frequently. Never keep the cat's litter box in the kitchen.


Remove Clutter and Other Negative Chi. Keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible so positive chi can flow through your space. That means keeping your counters free from objects like newspapers, mail, and schoolwork, and limiting the number of knickknacks you display. Update any old photos, take-out menus, or shopping lists on the fridge door. Replace the scorched oven mitts. Sweep or mop your kitchen floor toward the door rather than into the room. And, don't forget to throw out everything in your refrigerator and pantry that's stale, expired, or "fuzzy." 

Take Feng Shui Home for the Holidays

Learn to Just Say Throw

Is your utensil drawer so full you can’t close it? Are you ever going to use that Bundt pan? Do you keep every piece of art your kids bring home? Here are a dozen questions to ask about the things you keep and suggestions for what to do with them:

  1. Kitchen Utensils. Do you really need all of those duplicate spatulas, scrapers, and servers? Offer some to your friends, then donate the good ones and throw away the rest of the extra pieces.
  2. Coffee Mugs. Do you drink enough coffee or tea to justify all of the mugs you are keeping? Same advice here: choose those you love and donate the rest. If any mugs are stained or chipped, put them in the recycling bin instead of donating them.
  3. Plastic Containers. Do you have more tops than bottoms, or vice versa? Match up the tops and bottoms, then toss the singletons.
  4. Vases. Are those inexpensive florist vases really worth keeping? Keep a few of the prettiest ones and get rid of the rest.
  5. Magazines & Newspapers. Are the issues in your "to read" stack more than two months old? You'll probably never read them, or may be able to find the articles online. Donate them to a school or rec center.
  6. Unread Books. Do you have a stack of books you "should" read but never get around to reading? Time to donate them to the local library or trade or sell them online.
  7. Clothes. Are you holding on to clothes for when you lose weight? You'll actually feel lighter if you get rid of them and make room for new clothes - in smaller sizes.
  8. Kids' Artwork. Are you keeping every masterpiece? If a creation is not worth framing and hanging, take a photo of it and toss the original.
  9. Electronics. Do you have a jungle of power cords and electronic paraphernalia in your desk drawer that may or may not work with your current equipment? Match up the cord with the device and let go of the rest.
  10. Linens. Do you even know if the sheets in your linen closet fit the current size of your beds? Keep two sets of sheets per bed, then donate the rest to a nonprofit like the local animal shelter.
  11. Medicines. Are any of the prescription or OTC drugs in your medicine cabinet expired? Keep the meds you're taking, then find a local drop-off center rather than flushing them or throwing into the trash.
  12. Toys. Have your kids outgrown the toys and games in their bedroom or in the family room? Help them choose toys to donate to less fortunate children, especially right after a birthday.
Seasonal Clutter Clearing

Ask the Feng Shui Maven

Q: I love buying unique thrift items and I burn sage for cleansing them. Is this sufficient to remove any negative energy from these items?

A: The most important part of buying a thrift item is to make sure it has positive chi. When I’m in an antique or vintage store, there are items I don’t even want to touch because they are sending a message about their negative past. I don’t know whether everyone is as sensitive to this energy, but I have found that when my clients buy resale that feels good to them in the store, it supports them when they bring it home. One client told me he hated his resale sofa because it was cheap and second-rate, but he couldn’t afford anything better. He was suffering from what I call a “poverty mentality.” I advised that he replace it because it was filled with negative energy for him. Even if he bought another resale item that cost less, as long as he brought positive energy to the piece (like thinking it was “retro,” or “unique”, etc.), then it would support him. Since you already like the idea of thrifting, just be sure to clean all previously-owned items thoroughly with soap and water to which you have added a little salt for clarifying. And avoid buying an item that feels negative to you, or that you know has a negative history.

Q: Are there Feng Shui changes I should make toward the end of the year?

A: In this month of Thanksgiving, you probably don’t need more things to be thankful for, but you always need more room for thankfulness. It doesn’t matter whether you donate, sell, trash, or recycle these objects, once they are out of your home you make room for newand betterthings to flow in to take their place. Here are a few things you can get rid of this month and be thankful for the extra space in your life: 

  • One unfinished project.
  • One object that needs fixing but isn’t worth the effort.
  • One gift you never liked, even though you love the gift giver.
  • One souvenir that no longer has meaning.
  • One item of clothing you’ve outgrown, physically or emotionally.
  • One stack of plastic take-out containers.
  • One small kitchen appliance that you never use.
  • One toy your kids don’t play with anymore.
  • One can of paint that doesn’t match any of your walls.
Ask a Question

Ted Decorates His Garage

My long-time client Ted had made many Feng Shui changes in his home and office in the past that resulted in good things flowing for the entire family. However, when he called me for a return consultation, things were tense at his home because the company he worked for had started to lay off employees. Ted feared that his division would be hit next. He was taking the obvious steps of sending out resumes and activating his network, but he wanted to make a few more Feng Shui changes to move the positive energy toward finding a new job quickly. Ted's Helpful People/Mentors area was in his garage, and it was a mess. I recommended he activate the energy in that area by first clearing all the unnecessary items out of the garage to open it up to possibilities, then decorating it with images that represented a peaceful job transition.

Here’s what Ted wrote:

At first, I was hesitant to hang some job-related things in the garage because it seemed silly, but my wife reminded me that Feng Shui had worked for us before. So, I took your advice and hung up the business card from the head of the company that I had interviewed with, and artwork with a flowing river image, along with some other career-related items. Wouldn’t you know it, the day before I received my ‘pink slip,’ the new company offered me a great job! And I had enough leave accumulated that I could take a short vacation before starting the new job. Feng Shui saved the day for us, again.

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Enhance Your Space!
The Feng Shui Fixer series includes one-of-a-kind creations that are designed as simple, beautiful, and real-world Feng Shui "cures" and adjustments. These art pieces can be placed in a specific bagua area of a home or workplace to fix a Feng Shui issue, or to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more. Hang them on the wall, in a closet, near the washer, or on the back of your computer monitor to block any negative energy. You can display one or a collection of them on a table-top easel. Place them anywhere you need to activate a Feng Shui Element.

Each unique Feng Shui Fixer starts with an imported vintage silk kimono textile. Then, it is embellished with embroidery floss, silk ribbon, vintage or new glass beads, natural stones, or charms. There are florals, geometrics, abstracts, and freestyle! Each framed design includes a small mirror on the back that symbolically pushes away any negative issues and attracts positive energy.

Give a Feng Shui Fixer as a gift to family, friends...or to yourself!
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Feng Shui Fixer of the Month:

"Move and Flow"

Need to add some movement and flow to your personal life or career? This is the Feng Shui Fixer for you! This design is all about the Water Element colors - blues and blacks to smooth out your day. Display it in your Water Element areas to help you move forward toward success and wealth.

Title: "Move & Flow"

Target Issue: Movement, Flow, Expansion

Feng Shui Element: Water

Materials: Silk ribbon, cotton floss, and Czech glass beads on imported vintage kimono silk textile

Size: 6" round, Hand-stained frame, ready to hang or display

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"Move & Flow"

Holiday Gift Idea: "Winter Nectar"

This Feng Fixer combines red blossoms to activate the Fire Element for power, wealth, and passion, with the snow white winter Metal Element accents for focus and strength. Zoom in to the image to find the tiny hummingbird that symbolize joy, good fortune. This fixer makes a great holiday gift to send a wish for good fortune and resilience.

Title: "Winter Nector"

Target Issue: Wealth, Power, Focus

Feng Shui Element: Fire, Metal

Materials: Silk ribbon, cotton floss, seed pearls with hummingbird charm on imported vintage kimono silk textile

Size: 5" round, Hand-stained frame, ready to hang or display

Regular Price: $55+S&H

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"Winter Nectar"


Feng Shui Fixers work best in groups of three so they can be arranged in the triangle shape that represents wealth, abundance, and power.

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Feng Shui Quick Guide for Home and Office: Secrets for Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love
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When you have Feng Shui questions about your home, office, or business that go beyond the basics, this virtual consulting option is for you! I will customize advice for the way you want to live in your home or work in your space. We'll schedule a Zoom to answer your questions and help you rearrange your space, shift your energy, and transform your life.

All sessions include:

  • Review of photos or videos of your space.
  • Consultation by Zoom.
  • Personalized Feng Shui advice and guidance.
  • Follow-up coaching check-in so you stay on track.


"Office Rescue" Consulting Package

This package is ideal for the room where you work, either at home or at the workplace.

"Feng Shui - Your Way" Consulting Package

It's your choice—ask about any room, any situation, any clutter-clearing problem, or any issue that needs Feng Shui help.

"Room Rescue" Consulting Package

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Virtual Consulting Details

Finding Work-Life Balance with Feng Shui

The new way of working is here to stay. Employees are continuing to work at home, returning to the workplace part-time, or experiencing a combination of both. This hybrid experience is different for each member of the team. The good news is that a few real-world Feng Shui tips can help you achieve balance between your personal and work lives. For almost 25 years, I have inspired diverse groups ranging from 5 to 500 with my in-person workshops. Now, I'm offering customized versions of these presentations via Zoom. I have taught thousands of clients, readers, and students the simple secrets of using Feng Shui to improve their lives and careers, and now I can teach them to you and your group virtually.

The "Feng Shui for the New Workplace" series of webinars is specially designed to meet the needs of the new hybrid workforce.

All my webinars include customized training that I create to meet the specific needs of your organization, office, or group. Your webinar will be customized to show each team member how to make Feng Shui “go to work” for them. They will learn how to rearrange their space, shift their energy, and achieve calm in this rapidly-changing world. In this fun and informative session, I share simple and often low-cost tips for using Feng Shui to transform both a home and workplace office. There will be plenty of time for questions.

I will customize the webinar for your group, and a typical session includes:

  • Group Icebreaker
  • 5 Power Principles
  • 8 Transformation Tools
  • 10 Top Tips
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Q&A

I also offer this and other training on a one-to-one basis for individuals. Check out some examples on my website.

People are talking about Carol's Feng Shui webinars for the new workplace!

Thank you so much for hosting such a great presentation today. We’ve received really positive feedback from everyone, and I’m so happy to know there are small steps I can take to really feel more comfortable and positive every day.

– EG, Operations Manager, Washington, DC


Thank you again for the webinar yesterday. We got great feedback and tons of excitement around it. We hope to have you back sometime soon.

– AJH, Senior Manager, New York, NY

Email Carol for Details


Feng Shui for Your Office
Take a look at the video I did for the "Interview with the Experts" series for Interior Motions, a custom office design firm in California. I share tips for bringing Feng Shui into any office. I also talk about the Five Power Principles of Feng Shui, how any office can implement these principles to increase productivity, and what you should avoid doing when arranging an office. And of course, I talk about avoiding clutter in the workplace.
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Grow Your Business with Feng Shui
My 90-minute, self-paced video course includes tips for activating the Career/Work bagua area, along with simple changes you make at home to grow your career or business. You'll learn six amazing tips to help you create a space that supports you and your business. Watch as I use Feng Shui principles to conduct a hands-on transformation of a client's workplace and create a dynamic home office that opens the door to success.

People Are Talking About Carol's Classes: 

Carol, you're a rock star! I loved listening to the podcast of your interview with "Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels," so I took your class. You continue to be an inspiration to me and have forever changed the way I arrange each home I've lived in since I first heard you speak in 2012. Keep up the good work! 

I took your class and watched several of your videos. Excellent! You have an absolute warm and welcoming approach. No wonder you are so successful. 
This video class is nothing short of a delicious treat for your career. I loved it! Great practical pieces of advice. Well-taught in a fun, inspiring way. 
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