Feng Shui with Crystals: Natural and Faceted
Faceted and Gemstone or Natural Crystals - What's the Difference
Cut-glass crystals take light and send it out in all directions. Where there's light there's energy. Hang a cut-glass crystal in a window and get a rainbow of lights on the floors, walls and ceiling, amd fill the room with energy. And because of the prismatic quality of the crystals the energy is separated into manageable parts. When the new opportunities arrive they will be easy to incorporate into your life. ~~Donna Stellhorn, Feng Shui Form

[Natural] crystals can help transmute, change, conquer, and shift your energy and health challenges. When you elevate your vibration with crystals, your vibration is no longer a match to most health challenges vibration. When you elevate your vibration, the energetic imprint associated with that health challenge simply shifts and the “physical” aspect of it dissolves. ~~Susan M. Chu

The bottom line? Both types work - both types are effective - both types are great Feng Shui.

We are talking crystals - how they work, what they can help you accomplish, and where to learn more. Scroll on and dig in...
Hanging a Feng Shui Crystal Ball
From Anjie Cho, "Feng shui faceted crystal balls are used often in feng shui to adjust the energy of a space. There are a few different reasons you might want to use a feng shui crystal; one of the most common is when your bed, desk, or stove is not in command position, and is instead directly aligned with the door."
Instructions not included? Feeling stuck or stagnant? Anjie tells you how - easily with examples - you can do this.

BONUS Watch Anjie in action, talking about how to decorate using these faceted crystals.
Crystals in the New Age
From Susan Chu, "As we embark on a new age, the Age of Aquarius, the stones that we had loved so much (in the Age of Pisces) have also…shifted. Stones that were once powerful might no longer be. Stones that were overlooked might now shine."
Wait what? Don't panic. This incredibly insightful article by Susan, crystal expert and teacher, shows you the way to shift to the new energy - and what crystals to use. She makes it easy.
There are hundreds of crystals in the natural world. How can I keep track? What does each one do? I'm feeling stressed or anxious - or have a physical condition - what crystal can I try?

Susan Chu, Crystal educator and expert, takes the guess work out of it with her comprehensive Crystal Dictionary.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Crystals -- Supercharge your Living Spaces

Turning your environment into a place of Feng Shui is beneficial in every possible way. Not only can it attract positive energy and good fortune into your life, but it can also help you combat anxiety, stress, depression and other negative attributes that can send you into a negative spiral, such as exacerbating a poor diet or lack of exercise, both of which are also essential to well-being.

The crystals are there to offer assistance to you, to help you create a wonderful Feng Shui atmosphere all around you and provide you with a safe haven that can help shield and guard you against the storms of the world.

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