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November 23rd, 2018
Farm show season is in full swing already! Tuesday we head to Illinois for the Peoria Farm Show, followed by the Indianapolis Farm Show in Mid December. This winter we plan to focus on Planter setups, and fertilizer placement, those two topics rise to the surface when it comes to moving the needle in your operation. Don't Forget about our Black Friday Sales Below! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Top Air ATV Sprayers
Manero Independent Corn Head
Setting up the planter for Maximum Versatility
  1. Start up front. Floating row cleaners do a great job of moving residue to create a clean seed bed. They eliminate hairpinning and create a smoother ride for the planter making more consistent seed depth. Consider removing the no-till coulter and replacing with row cleaners as the no till coulter creates hairpinning, increases required downforce, and creates inconsistent seed depth and placement.
  2. Planter 2x2 fertilizer. The options here are endless, but dual fertilizer has proven itself. Yield 360, Yetter MFG, and Martin Till are my go-tos for dual planter fertilizer. Number of rows around on an ear are determined at an early stage, giving the plant a boost at this time will payoff big in the end.
  3. Poly Spike Closing wheels. IF YOU MAKE ONE CHANGE TO YOUR PLANTER THIS YEAR, PUT ON POLY SPIKE CLOSING WHEELS. In beans we are seeing 17,000 more plants emerge per acre vs factory rubber wheels, that is huge. I cannot say it enough, the ROI on these is bigtime.
  4. New steel. Take the time this winter to examine disc openers, bushings, scrapers, etc. Small improvements add up overtime.
Cassie's Country Cupboard Weekly Recipe:
Leftover Turkey Ideas
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and great food. If you hosted the big turkey dinner, you likely have some leftover turkey that might need a makeover for round 2. Here are some ideas:
*Use turkey in your favorite pot pie recipe
*Add turkey to a pot of white bean chili
*Wrap in a tortilla with lettuce, cheese, and salsa
*Make some turkey salad with mayo, celery, and diced onion
…and don’t forget the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich of turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing!

What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs
This week we have been busy on the road visiting customers to talk about equipment. In the shop we have been working on putting together a fertilizer applicator for a customer.
Salford Tillage- Try the new 5" spacing tillage tools this spring to create seedbeds and warm the soil. The Salford 1200 and the 550 Field Cultivator a great seedbed prep tool.
360 Yield Center- The most exciting of the Spring Products is the Yield 360 Bandit. Banding 2x2x2 fertilizer on each side of the row.
Yetter- Yetter Poly Spikes are making waves in the planter world today and I am a firm believer that they payoff big time. Get yours today to maximize emergence.
Martin Till- Martin is bringing a new parallel linkage row cleaner to the market and we have had great luck with it last year! Call today to get yours.
Just In: Hardi Commander 1200
Just in! We just traded in a Hardi Commander 1200. 90' Booms, new Duals, Large volume pump, 1200 gallon pump, Hardi Controller.
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