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WW II era bomber aircraft
B-17 'Aluminum Overcast'
Is currently touring North America in a campaign to recognize war veterans and celebrate America.
The aircraft is scheduled to arrive on Friday morning Feb 3 and will be open for public viewing and rides (fees listed below) throughout the weekend.
For additional information please visit:

February in Prescott

Highlands Center for Natural History

Prescott Audubon Bird Walk, Feb. 11, 9am 
1375 Walker Road, Prescott, AZ  
Phone: 928.776.9550, 
Arts & Culture
  Smoki Museum
On the Gleaming Way
February 14 @ 1:00pm

Elks Opera House
Saturday Night Fever
January 6 @ 7:00pm
Class of '67
January 8 @ 7:00pm
The Garth Guy
January 14 @ 7:00pm
Steel Grits
January 15 @ 7:00pm
Diamond Rocks
January 20 @ 7:00pm
At the Hop
January 28 @ 7:00pm
Yavapai College
The Bolshoi Ballet's "Swan Lake"
February 15 @ 6:00 pm            
Prescott POPS Symphony "Meet Me...At The Symphony!"
February 19 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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