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September ... we love September! As summer ends, we can count on crisp sunny days and cooler nights to provide a good night's sleep. We can still hang l aundry on the line, enjoy outdoor meals with family and friends, and maybe make time for one more camping trip before the rains come.  

September is also a good month to recharge, re-evaluate or even change our health routines.  Someone once said, “When it comes to diet and health, be proactive not reactive”.  Great advice. Going into the Fall and Winter seasons armed with good health is what we all want.
Get Cultured
Homemade cultured (fermented) vegetables and the probiotics they contain can help boost vitality naturally and easily. So in response to the numerous requests we've had for more information on these healthy foods, The Seasoned Kitchen is pleased to extend ...
An Invitation
We are very excited to announce that on
Saturday, September 22nd,
we will host local author Jan Jensen
with her newest cookbook, Get Cultured! - A Primer for Delicious Fermented Veggies that will Rock
Your Palate and Your Health.
Come and meet Jan, and learn how to ferment tasty vegetables that can help keep you and your family in the prime of health.

Jan will sign books and answer your questions between noon and 2 pm, and will demonstrate her methods at 12:30 pm and again at 1:30 pm. You'll get to taste some of Jan's yummy cultured veggies too!
In her book, Jan shares her extensive knowledge, a host of her favourite “recipes” chosen from her many workshops, and numerous tips and answers to the many question she’s heard over the years.
Question:  Why cultured vegetables?
Answer:  “Simply put, they turn your body into a
disease-resistant energy-filled powerhouse.”
Get Cultured! A Primer
We hope you will join us for this "tasty wellbeing" event.

Fermenting and
Pickling Aids

You will find everything you need at The Seasoned Kitchen to prepare Jan’s recipes:

  • Large bowls
  • Sharp knives (Our Wusthof Knife Sale continues!)
  • Lemon squeezers
  • Vegetable peelers
  • Chopping boards
  • Large spoons
  • Glass jars
  • Pickle Pipes
  • Pickle Pebbles (Glass weights)
  • Himalayan rock salt
  • Kosher salt
  • Sea salts
“Please make sure that all of your utensils, jars, bowls, working surface and food are scrupulously clean. We want the beneficial probiotics to grow – not the uninvited bacteria!” writes Jan. 

We can help you with this. Our pressed wood fibre Epicurean Cutting Boards won’t form grooves like other cutting boards do and they are non-porous so no hidden bacteria. They are knife friendly – easy on your knives so you will sharpen less. They are also heat resistant up to 350°F.
fermenting aids
Get Cultured
We look forward to
seeing you here at
The Seasoned Kitchen!

Karla, Darcy, Ruth, Pat, Connie and Trish

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