July 12, 2018
Fernway Report | July 12, 2018
Review this report to learn more about what's happened in the past 24 hours at Fernway Elementary School, which was damaged by fire on July 10, 2018.
Board of Education Walk-Through
  • Members of the Board of Education attended a walk-through of Fernway School today at 4:30 p.m. and were accompanied by Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen M. Wilkins and Shaker Heights Fire Department Chief Patrick Sweeney.
Fernway Staff Videos
Fernway Report Signup
  • Families who do not have students in the Shaker Schools may sign up to receive the Fernway Report via email. Sign up here.
Community Meeting Date
  • The District plans to host a public Community Meeting in the coming week. District administrators and Mr. Hayward will share any new available information and will answer questions from the community. We will share details of the meeting date and time when they become available. 
Fernway Grounds Closed
  • The Fernway School grounds including the parking lot, the blacktop play area, playground and grassy areas are closed until further notice for safety reasons. Only authorized officials will be permitted into the building with an escort.
Counseling Available
  • Director of Pupil Services Elizabeth Kimmel is working with District school psychologists and Western Reserve Grief Services to provide grief support. If you or your student is in need of grief counseling, please contact Elizabeth Kimmel, kimmel_e@shaker.org.
Shaker Schools Foundation Fernway Fund
  • The Shaker Schools Foundation has established the Fernway Fund to help with recovery efforts from the fire. All gifts to the Fernway Fund will be used to support teachers and students as they re-envision their learning environments to benefit Fernway Elementary. Donate online.
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