Update on Ferry Beach
The UUCM Re-Opening Team recommended to the Board that we cancel our church retreat this year at Ferry Beach. The decision was not made lightly, nor without consideration for how difficult this decision would be for all of you who love Ferry Beach and our weekends there together. It was based on the best information we have amassed and a desire, on the part of UUCM, to act in accordance with our UU principles.

The Board has unanimously agreed that canceling our Ferry Beach trip is the appropriate action. We hope to be able to gather there as a group in September 2021. The Board also unanimously agreed to let Ferry Beach keep our $100 deposit as a donation.

We know there are a few people and families who would like to go on their own. If that is something you are interested in doing, please contact Ferry Beach directly.

Thank you to Ann Barker for doing all the legwork in communicating with Ferry Beach over the last month.