Ferry Beach Stands with the people of Ukraine and strongly condemns all violence in the world.
Ferry Beach awakens hearts to explore, grow and renew the spirit of universal love. We join the world in condemning the brutal invasion of Ukraine. 

Violence is never the solution to any problem. This unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine is a blatant disregard for humanity, decency, diplomacy, and civility. We amplify the voices from around the world by calling for an end to this senseless action and demand that troops withdraw from Ukraine immediately. We ask our world leaders to use all non-violent means necessary to quickly bring this to a close and to hold the Russian government fully accountable for their actions.

We are grateful to see the global community united in the face of evil. We applaud the generous nations who have provided financial help to Ukraine and for the global citizens who have held their hands out to Ukrainians in their time of greatest need. We stand with Ukraine, Europe, and the rest of the world who demand that the violence cease and ask the people of Russia to stand up against this horrendous act outright. 

We believe in universal love, peace, and diplomacy. Ferry Beach welcomes our guests and staff from all over the world to our center each year and believe that without divisive and manipulative leaders, humanity can become stronger, united, and more accepting of the differences that make us all so special. Actions like we have seen in the recent days by Russia have reaffirmed this - we must all come together to build a world that is peaceful and filled with universal love.
Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to awaken hearts to explore, grow and renew the spirit of universal love.