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September 2017

It was November 8, 1917. The U.S. had entered World War I and the nation was now at war. Eggs cost 48 cents a dozen, butter 49 cents per pound, milk 45 cents per gallon, and a 4 pound bag of sugar cost a whopping 37 cents. A 4-room cottage in Johnson County could be rented for $7 per month.

But before you pine for “the good old days,” consider this; most rural homes in Johnson County lacked running water and sanitation, there was no such thing as canned goods at the local grocery, most clothing was hand-made, and Kansas farmers relied on kerosene lamps for light, and wood or coal for cooking and heat.

It was under these challenging times that Harry S. Wilson came to Johnson County to become its first county extension agent.

This year we are proud to celebrate our 100th year anniversary of serving the citizens of Johnson County, Kansas. Please join us as we celebrate our past and build our future.

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Saturday, September 30
Celebrate Our 100 Year Anniversary
You are cordially invited to a community reception as we honor our history together and celebrate our Centennial Anniversary. Drop by for fun family activities, educational programs, displays, food and refreshments — all FREE! (while supplies last) There will also be door prizes! Come celebrate with us!
Time to Overseed Lawns
Even though we had a nice summer with ample rain and cooler conditions there still may be areas in your lawn that have died or thinned. Early September is the best time to sow tall fescue or bluegrass. Success is best achieved when you follow the recommended steps.
September Lawn Fertilization the Most Important Application You Will Make
Shorter days and cooler nights stimulate our cool season lawns to grow. Just like a growing child needs a healthy and steady diet so does your lawn. September application is just what the turf needs to recover and be a sense of pride.
Fall Planting Tree and Shrubs
Is it time to spruce up the landscape for a fresh look? If so now is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. Fall conditions promote root development which can give the establishing plant a leg up before next summer rolls around.
Oakleaf Itch Mites
At the time of this writing, we do not know what September will bring in regards to oakleaf itch mites. They usually hit mid-late September. If you find you are getting intensely itchy bites every time you go outside chances are it might be itch mites. Learn what can and can't be done about them, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Improving Memory
Loss of memory is not a given as we age. There are several things we can do to keep our minds sharp as we approach our golden years. Just as exercise is crucial to overall health, our brains need exercise as well. Find out here what steps you can take to improve your memory.
Bonding with Board Games
Board games are the hot trend across all generations. They can make for a fun way to connect socially. But these are not the old games of the past. New Euro-style games emphasize strategy while downplaying luck and conflict. If you want to get your family and friends unplugged and talking with each other, check out this new free program.
Cooking with Cast Iron
It seems like what was once "old" is new again -- vegetable gardening, canning, and cooking with cast iron. If you thought cast iron was fussy, think again. We outline the benefits to cooking with cast iron and how to maintain it here.
Fun AG Facts
We may not know it, but every day our life is impacted by farmers. If you put on sunscreen today, ate a sandwich, or your kids colored with crayons, your life was touched by a farmer. Here's some fun quick AG facts you may not know about.
County Fair Highlights
County Fair is the culmination of the 4-H Youth Development year. Our kids work since October on projects that help them master skills. Here are a few highlights from this year's fair.
October 2 -- 4-H enrollment begins
New 4-H Year Starts
The new 4-H year begins on October 2. Sign ups on 4-Honline can begin on that date. Please remember that the new program fee can be paid online at the time of enrollment, or via check to the state office.

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