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Time to renew your Johnson County cool season lawn

If you do only one thing this whole year, fertilize your lawn in September. It's hungry. Fertilizing now helps restore summer-stressed lawns. The next 3 months are prime growing conditions. Lawns that are well fed and healthy are more likely to survive winter's harsh conditions and green quickly come spring.

Now's also the time to overseed to thicken the lawn or fill in those bare patches. But don't wait — do it by mid-September. After September the chances for success drop rapidly with the temperatures.

Why should you care?
Lawns increase the property value of homes and stabilize soils, improving our water quality by preventing soil erosion.

What should you do this September?
Check out these articles to help you succeed and save money:

JoCo residents, have you gotten your free soil test yet?

Questions? Call or email the Extension Master Gardener Gardening Hotline: 913.715.7050,
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Need a helping hand Oct 13 or 14?
4-H Youth Give Back
Service to community is a core value of 4-H. Johnson County 4-H youth will participate in state-wide 48-Hours of 4-H on October 13 –14. If you need a helping hand from a 4-H youth, contact a Club Leader near you or call our office at 913-715-7000.  

Classes & Events
To register online click on the class link or call 913-715-7000.

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