Fertilizer vs. Pesticide

Pest icide s control pests and are often used as fungicides to protect crops from fungal diseases and weeds.

Fertilizers supply nutrients that facilitate plant growth and increase crop production.

At OB we manufacture made in America zinc sulfate and copper sulfate products that are specially formulated for each distinct application.

Think Zinc History

Did you know that "writings from as early as 400 BC mention a silvery metal that was used to make brass, most likely, zinc." ​*

Today, zinc compounds are used to formulate corrosion protection coatings on automotive components, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and other consumer and industrial applications.

Keep Cool with Rayon

Did you know that zinc sulfate is used in the manufacture of viscose rayon fibers? It's true! This summer when sporting your silky rayon apparel, think OB! No sweat!
North America’s Largest Manufacturer of Copper and Zinc Compounds
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