Festival of Ideas and Curriculum Integration | February 10 -14, 2020
Festival of Ideas
Melissa Fitzgerald
Melissa Fitzgerald, an actor best known for her role on The West Wing , is now senior director for Justice for Vets. The organization works to reform the way the criminal justice system identifies, assesses and treats veterans. Justice for Vets has helped establish over 250 veterans treatment courts and trained over 3,000 court staff.
Students often learn more if they can connect emotionally to the theory, concepts, and ideas they are studying. One way to create an emotional spark in your students is to connect them to people who feel passionately about the issues your are exploring. For this year's festival of ideas, we're encouraging faculty to integrate these public lectures into their spring courses. Below you'll find additional, readings, films, interviews and activities that can supplement the Melissa Fitzgerald's public lecture.
Readings and Assignment Ideas | Public Lecture Date - Februrary 10, 7:00 pm
A New York Times Interview with Beth Macy

An excerpt Beth Macy's 2018 Best Seller

Read an excerpt from Howard Schultz's book about citzenship, heroism and sacrifice
An NPR interview with Beth Macy

Opioids, Hep C, and Kids A short video from the tv show Medical Breakthroughs explaining how children are effected by the opioid crisis

A video describing the opioid crisis and its effects on the community of Huntington, WV

An excerpt from the PBS film VA: The Human Cost of War
From the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, this case can help your students explore policies related to opioid addiction, treatment options, and use data to recommend policy revisions.

A series of assignments and lesson plans faculty can model to explore experiences of Iraq war veterans.