July 2015

Frenzied Spinners

We have great things on the agenda for the holiday weekend!  
F ront Porch Friends (Ravelry Group) are descending from far and wide to spend a weekend in our beautiful Appalachian foothills.  We want to make them welcome here, so note their rules. I think we can safely add "work on a fiber project" to their list!

Join us  Friday  afternoon,  July 3 , to spin and knit with friends, then stay for the First  Friday  Street Fair and enjoy Berea's fireworks from our parking lot.


Is it too hot to knit? Not a chance! But, just in case you need a different sort of gift for someone special, we now have a small selection of fair trade purses and project bags as well as great scarves, pins and clips to decorate that perfect accessory.   

All of these gift items ar e one-of-a-kind, handmade works of wearable art.  


And don't forget to get your fiber friends 
and family  little gifts to show them you care!

Our class schedule for July is dominated by Berea's Learnshops. We are offering Learn to Knit in two sessions on July 14 and 16 from 2 to 5 pm, and Learn to Crochet in two sessions on July 21 and 23 from 2 to 5 pm.  Register online or call Berea Tourism. 

Check out other great offerings this year, and expand your creative horizons.  Registration is now open.         

T here is plenty of time to schedule individual lessons to work on the skill you want help with. Just give us a call or send an email and we will set up one-on-one time with you! 

Many knitters are also avid gardeners. Here's one of Joan's favorite, easy summer recipes to use some of that lovely produce that is coming in abundance.

Gazpacho Salad

3 cucumbers, scored and sliced thin
3 green onions, sliced thin (or use about a quarter of a medium purple onion)
2 medium tomatoes, seeded and cut into bite sized pieces.

1/4 cup white vinegar
3/4 cup water
2 T. sugar
Optional: 1/4 t. celery seed or dill weed

Mix together the dressing ingredients until the sugar is dissolved. Cut up the vegetables and toss with the dressing in a large bowl that has a lid. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours.  Cool, refreshing and nutritious!