April 2017

Hours of Operation:
Noon to 5 pm Mondays, Tuesdays, 
and Saturdays.

10 - 5 pm Thursdays and Fridays 

Closed Sundays and Wednesdays.

Saturday, April 29th is "Yarn Bombing Day" from 1 to 4 pm.  If you can come to the shop and help, that would be wonderful.  We will bring refreshments and party with friends all afternoon!  

Please send us strips and flowers in the mail if you don't live close by.  It will be fun to see what the mailman brings each day!  

If you have your own favorite flower pattern, please feel free to use it, either knit or crochet. 

We need yarn strips approximately 6 inches wide by 22 inches long.  The tree is 66" diameter, and several of our good friends have sent 6" x 66" inch strips.  

We really appreciate everyone's efforts, and hope to make our yard the "Brightest Spot in Berea." 

The blue flower in the picture is very easy:  Chain 2.
Round 1:   Sc 6 times in 2nd chain from hook.
Round 2:   Sc 3 times in ach stitch.
Repeat Round 2 until flower is desired size. (Please leave about an 8" piece of yarn when finishing off, so that we can use it to attach the flower.

Knit strips by casting on 30 stitches with size 7 needles and knitting back and forth for 22 inches. (You can slip the first stitch on every row for a nice edge!)    (Please leave about a 10" piece of yarn when finishing off the strip, so that we can use it to sew the strips together.)

For 3 inch strips, use worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles to cast on 15 stitches and just knit back and forth for 22 inches.  Again leave a 10" piece of yarn when finishing off the strip.

To crochet strips, chain 21 stitches for the 6 inch strip, sc in 2nd chain from hook, and in each chain across, for 20 stitches.  *Turn, ch1, sc in every stitch across*, and repeat * to *  until you have 22 inches.  For a 3 inch strip, just chain 11 stitches and work same as for 6 inch strip.   (Please leave about a 10" piece of yarn when finishing off the strip, so that we can use it to sew the strips together.)

We'll start the month with a little skills-building. Join Joan on  April 6 at 3:30 and learn increases and decreases. There are several methods to do both, and each results in a different appearance to your fabric.  Bring worsted weight yarn and size 7 or 8 needles. The class fee is $20.  The class is repeated on  April 21 at 2:00 p.m.  These skills are featured in the project class offerings this month!

Ready for the Easter Bunny? Here's a sweet little bunny using up some of your worsted weight scraps.  Bring size 3 or 4 DPNs and 30 grams or so of yarn in 2 colors and a tapestry needle.  Total knitting time for this little fella is about 4 hours. The class meets at  10:00 on  April 7 and is repeated at  10:00 on  April 13. If you want to do it   in 2 segments, that's fine too - we can make the pieces on the 7th and assemble on the 13th. Class fee is $20.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket! This little knitted and felted basket  is so sweet you will want to make several!  The project uses 2 strands of Gina held together, to create a nice, firm fabric, or substitute any wool worsted weight yarn.  The class meets  April 8 at 10:00  and is repeated (or continued, as you see fit) on  April 14 at 10:00 . The class is free with purchase of yarn.

J udy will be using a new cotton yarn that is self striping and produces a lovely fabric. Pendenza by Plymouth Yarns.  The pattern is very easy and uses German short rows to make a wavy edge.  The entire scarf is garter stitch so if you can do the knit stitch, and knit 2 stitches together, this is the project for you.  Tuesday, April 11th, and Saturday, April 15th, 2 pm.  Class fee is $20; you can purchase the yarn and needles prior to class.  We will be using a size 6 circular needle, 32". 

Knit a slip-stitch, pullover vest with Judy and Suzie using Huasco DK yarn and sizes 4 and 6 circular needles.  This is the perfect accessory for your Spring wardrobe.  Class fee $20;  you can purchase the yarn and needles prior to class. We will begin the vest on Saturday, April 15th at 3:30 pm, and continue working on it the following week on Monday 24th.  

Crochet or Knit Knockers Join us the first and third Tuesday every month, 3 to 5 pm to make knockers.   Supplies are available at a discount. Susan and Judy will gladly help you start your first knit or crochet knocker.  
April 4th and 18th, 3 to 5 pm.  


April brings some special treats for spinning classes!  Teresa Beck will lead D/S/T on  April 8 at 11:00. That's Drop/Supported/Turkish - three different types of spindles for making yarn. Select your favorite type of spindle and Teresa will have you making yarn in no time flat! Class fee is $20. Spindles and fiber sold separately.

Wheely Big Lessons with Jessica begin at  1:00  on  April 8 ! Whether you are new to wheel spinning or ready to ramp up your skills, Jessica will move you along.  The class fee is $20, and you'll walk away with a fortune of knowledge!  As always, when Jessica is in the house, yarn and fiber from Jessica's Creations is 20% off.

April 4th, (1st Tuesday)
5 to 7 pm

We will have "Therapy" the first Tuesday of the month from 5 to 7 pm.  Bring your current project or let us help you find a new one.  Your stress level will be greatly reduced after a fun evening with your fiber friends.