To all MRC Joining Members:
The MRC is sending this progress report on behalf of Fiberight.

Welcome to the Fiberight Facility Construction Progress Report!
In an effort to keep everyone updated as to our progress at the build site and address any misconceptions, we plan to send these regular informational bulletins to Member Communities.

Currently, we are well underway with the construction phase of the Hampden plant. Work crews are progressing as quickly as possible, and we do not foresee a delay to the overall full-commissioning of the project.

However, our staged opening, whereby we would have been able to accept waste for processing by the front-end MRF, has been delayed by winter weather. These delays, related primarily to wind-related issues, challenged our contractor's ability to safely install roof and wall panels on the building. As such, the building has not been completed, and the MRF installation has been delayed by several months.

We are working diligently with our stakeholders to bring the plant online at the earliest possible date to provide state of the art MSW recycling and waste processing to the region.

Fiberight, MRC, Cianbro (general contractor), and CES, Inc. (engineer) are meeting on a regular basis with DEP and the Town of Hampden to monitor progress and seek ways to accelerate building and concrete construction so as to install the MRF as soon as possible. Full funding for the project was achieved in December of last year; we have the money in the bank and a committed team of local contractors that will allow us to execute opportunities that may further this goal.

In the short term, MSW is being diverted, as contractually agreed, to Crossroads Landfill and Juniper Ridge Landfill. This is only for interim delivery MSW only - not single-sort recycling.

Photos and updates are being posted frequently to our Facebook page - please "like" and follow the Fiberight page for the latest updates during the construction phase of our project.

Thank you,
Shelby Wright
Director of Community Services
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