Danny Kaey's Rave Review
(Fidelity Online)
of The HRS SXR Audio Stand, M3X2 and S3 Isolation Bases!

"My friend, ear witness to the ceremony, startled to his bone, literally jumps from the Eames aluminum group chair. He turns his head, looks at me and throwing a massive grin gives me a firm two thumbs up. About a minute into the cut, I turn the volume back down to merely loud and, equally stunned, proclaim this to be the most realistic I had ever heard this particular piece of symphonic ecstasy."
-Danny Kaey
Fidelity Online, December 27, 2018
"Guaranteed performance wins are what you will net. An absolute recommendation - I couldn't resist keeping the SXR and promptly sent a check."
-Danny Kaey

"The team behind HRS, led by Mike Latvis, is one that places musical integrity above all else: pace, rhythm, timing, are the essential components of what we traditionally perceive as music. The benefits of an HRS rack-the SXR reviewed here, though this speaks to any of the racks they
manufacture - are multifold."
-Danny Kaey
  "The presence here is nothing short of stunning, the Wilson's generating so much powerful bass, whilst at the same time properly conveying the delicacy of Marian Hill's vocals. Delicately resolved, the percussive elements form a singular part of the track, yet each individual color palette - though I have to doubt that much of what you are hearing are actual
instruments - is clearly visible across the positively Cinemascope soundstage. What's not to love?"

"As with everything, the carefully designed individual components and systems make up that which becomes a genuine isolation solution that also happens to be modular, can scale to size up or down and to boot is among the most simple to configure as an end user. To put succinctly, no other rack/isolation system I had used in the past was this well designed, engineered and implemented to its
logical conclusion."
-Danny Kaey
"HiFi racks (and cables) should not only
be given mandatory considerations when choosing your HiFi, they in fact, ought to be valued as part of the component list in first place."

HRS SXR Audio Stand with S3 Isolation Base
HRS SXR Signature Audio Stand with M3X2 Isolation Base

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