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Packaging orders at Field Day Farms



Thursday 8:00am - Sunday 10:00pm



Tuesday: South Bozeman at Graf/Fieldview, and west side Bozeman at The Wine Gallery; Bogert Farmers Market; Livingston



North Bozeman at Rouse/Oak and downtown Bozeman at the Montana Fish Company; Belgrade at Amaltheia Cheese Plant; Gardiner at Tumbleweed Bookstore; Old Faithful at the bus barn; West Yellowstone at Hwy 20/North Geyser Street; Harrison at Sabo Ranch 


Friday: Big Sky at By Word of Mouth Restaurant; Gallatin Gateway at Axtell Gateway Road




- Basil Starter Plants, Cloud Nine Farm

- Pastured Eggs, Churchill Heritage Farm

- Beef Jerky, Eagle Ridge Ranch  

- Asian Saute Meal, Field Day Farms    

- Citrus Sunshine Tea, Kitchen TLC  

- Pear Ginger Jam, Red Hen 

- Summer Grilling Package, Sabo Ranch

- Chard, Three Hearts Farm 

Basque Cake, Varney Bridge Bakery 


Eating seasonally, is the key to eating locally. Visit the Field Day Farms' Food Prep web page for the following recipes, cooking and storage tips.

- Dandelions with Spring Garlic
- Sorrel Rice Soup
- Will's Collard Greens
- Pasta with Arugula Goat Cheese Sauce
- Radish, Cranberry and Goat Feta 
- Spring Salad Dressing

 Cooking Tips
- Tips and creative ideas for cooking with radishes

 Storage Tips
- Short and long-term storage for radishes

Got a Great Recipe? Email it to Field Day Farms and we will share it with the community.  

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It has been a busy couple of weeks - we are entering our third week of our summer CSA program, the Bogert Farmers' Market and the big push to expand our own Online Farmers' Market to more southwest Montana communities. Not to mention that with the recent arrival of the sun, it has been non-stop transplanting in the field.


To meet the ever-growing demand for local and organically raised eggs, we are pleased to introduce pastured eggs from Churchill Heritage Farm, Belgrade, MT to the Online Farmers' Market. Out of a desire to provide nutrient rich natural foods for their family and the local community, the Churchill's raise  grass-fed Galloway beef, pastured chickens, eggs, and heirloom vegetables using sustainable practices. Try their beautiful orange yolked, healthy eggs from chickens that run freely on pasture grasses and offered Montana grown organic feed.


If you're firing up the grill, be sure to check out the Sabo Ranch Summer Grilling Package featuring T-bone and ribeye steaks, and 5 lbs of burger. Or maybe you're in search of quick meal, try the Field Day Farms all-in-one Asian Saute Meal, with all the veggies you need in one package. 


Here's to more sun,

Mariann Van Den Elzen

Field Day Farms, Director
We are excited that we are able to bring fresh, Montana-produced foods to the communities of Livingston, Gardiner, Old Faithful, West Yellowstone, Big Sky, Gallatin Gateway, Harrison, Belgrade and Bozeman, Montana.

Help us spread the word.   

"Let the sun shine in"... The sun and warmer temps have been welcomed with open arms at the farm. It has been a difficult growing season so far and most crops are about two to three weeks behind their "normal" growth. Hopefully the sun is a sign of good things to come. With the sun comes long days as we are busy trying to play catch up transplanting, tilling in old beds and seeding new ones.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out last week for our two "field days". With their help we were able to plant 20 beds of transplants including our summer and winter squash, melons, cucumbers, peppers, basil, egg plant, fennel and heads of lettuce.

The potatoes, beans and peas are looking good while the multiple successions of beets and carrots are finally taking root. This coming week we look to plant and string our field tomatoes and seed our next succession of greens - arugula, Asian greens, spinach, salad mix.
 featuredproducerWHO'S YOUR FARMER?  

This Week's Featured Producer

Varney Bridge Bakery, the creation of Amanda Strolin, is a small, artisan bakery located in Ennis, Montana. Amanda Strolin graduated from the Baking and Pastry course at the Culinary Institute of America in 2003. She turned part of her garage into a commercial bakery and in 2007 was licensed by the health department which allowed VBB to sell into local restaurants.


Amanda is also on the board of Madison Farm to Fork and with this group started the Ennis farmers' market which is now in its third year. She is a strong advocate for small farmers and producers and a believer in the quality, lifestyle and health benefits that come from buying locally.


All products are handmade from scratch, using organic ingredients and no preservatives. In fact, Amanda special orders her flours from a mill that grinds the grains in small batches in order to minimize damage. Most of her bread takes two days to make, using different starters for each type. Each of her breads and baked goods is a lovingly-made work of art, in addition to being healthy and nutritious.



Red Ants Pants Musical Festival 

July 29-31, White Sulphur Springs.  

Get ready to dance your pants off! There's going to be some great music, tasty food and lots of fun. All profits will benefit the Red Ants Pants Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of family farms and ranches, women in business, and economic development in rural areas. Plus, Eagle Ridge Ranch will be selling their delicious beef bratwursts. Be sure to stop by their booth. 


Bogert Farmers' Market, every Tuesday 5-8:00pm at Bogert Park on South Church in downtown Bozeman.


Livingston Farmers' Market, every Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm at Sacajewa Park. Featuring live music  until 9:00pm. 


Gallatin Farmers' Market, every Saturday 9am-Noon at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in Bozeman.  


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