Field Notes
May 2016
From the Acting Director
This month at SOHP, we're celebrating the successful conclusion of another spring semester and the commencement of a research-intensive summer. Just as we bid farewell to many of our graduate and undergraduate scholars, we are proud to welcome summer interns and fellows who have picked up the baton and are carrying it forward. We are keeping quite busy this summer; here's a peek at some our current projects:
Carol Prince, a graduate student in the history department, and Charlotte Eure, a spring 2016 SOHP intern who earned her BA in the Department of Communication this May, have teamed up this summer to produce the SOHP Podcast,  PRESS RECORD. They're hard at work on the next episode, which will feature LGBTQ oral histories, so stay tuned!
Marie Eszenyi, a graduate student in the Department of Communication, will continue work begun in Associate Director Rachel Seidman's spring oral history seminar by interviewing women entrepreneurs in the Triangle. Together with Carol and Rachel, Marie will help plan an expanded research project on race, gender and entrepreneurship.  

We're also supporting student-driven summer research being done by Zakyree Wallace, a recent UNC graduate who majored in interdisciplinary studies. Zakyree will extend the work she began in my class on race, ethnicity and performance by conducting oral histories with queer and gender non-conforming artists of African descent based in North Carolina whose art addresses issues of social justice, gender and sexuality, community building, and community organizing.
For the fourth year, our  Moxie Scholars will embark on their summer internships with women's organizations throughout the Triangle. The Moxie Project is one of our program's crown jewels, and we could not be more excited to see it flourish. Read more about their work below.
At SOHP, we're thrilled to be able to support student work throughout the year and over the summer. Your financial contributions help make it possible for us to support the development of these burgeoning scholars as they work to honor the mission of our organization. Thank you to all of those who have donated to SOHP. If you have not yet done so, we invite you to click on the link below. As you can see, we will put your investment to very good use.

Good News from the SOHP Family
Field scholar Taylor Livingston has received the 2016 Boka W. Hadzija Award for Distinguished University Service! This award recognizes a graduate or professional student with outstanding character, scholarship, leadership, and service to the university. Taylor has certainly displayed these qualities at SOHP, as well as in her home department of Anthropology and her work with the Graduate and Professional Student Federation, among many other campus efforts. To read more about her work, click here. Congratulations Taylor!
Moxie Scholars Begin Summer Internships 

On Thursday, March 19th, the 2016 Moxie Scholars gathered alongside their mentors for a lunch to celebrate the launch of their summer internships. 

Adrienne Bonar will intern with Mayor Lydia Lavelle and the Town of Carrboro. She will participate in their new oral history project and do research on women in municipal government. Emily Hagstrom will intern at Women AdvaNCe, alongside their brand new Executive Director Naomi Randolph, and help with strategic planning around reaching younger women and girls. Hampton Smith and Seoyung Oh will work at the Pauli Murray Project in Durham, and Hannah Saggau and Rain Tiller will both work at the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, where they will help plan and run the Young Advocates Institute.  

To learn more about our new Moxies, click here. And b e sure to "like" us on our Moxie Facebook page, too, and you'll be able to keep up-to-date with us over the summer.  
Collection Spotlight: Feminism & Conservative Women

In 2014 and 2015, field scholar Evan Faulkenbury conducted interviews with conservative women activists in the South. Speaking with fourteen women in North Carolina and Virginia, Evan asked them about their lives, activism, beliefs, and impact on the communities around them. These interviews cover a range of topics, including anti-abortion protests, evangelical theology, Republican Party organizing, lobbying work, politics, and the roles that women have played in shaping modern conservatism in the American South. Now, we're featuring this collection as part of the Long Women's Movement series. Learn more and listen to clips here.
Flashback: "Listening to History"

Interviewee Lois Epps Jones with David Cecelski
Our past projects continue to reach new audiences! Thanks to NCpedia, you can now read many of the pieces from SOHP alumnus David Cecelski's popular oral history series, "Listening to History," which appeared in the Raleigh News & Observer from 1998 to 2008. David spent a decade traveling across the state listening to, recording, and preserving stories speaking to North Carolina's history throughout the 20th century. He then wrote about what he heard, with accompanying photographs by Chris Seward. Check out these news stories here.

Reflecting on these interviews in the Carolina Alumni Review in 1999, David wrote, "Each is only one voice,  but together I hope they shape a mosaic of memories as rich and diverse, as sweet and as tragic, as thought provoking and as entertaining, as the North Carolina past itself."
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