Field Notes
April 2016
From the Associate Director
It's full-blown spring in Chapel Hill: sunny skies, bluebells in the Arboretum, looming final exams and loud frat parties. I'm excited to see what emerges from the fertile ground of our internship program and the Oral History Seminar I've been teaching this semester-I hope some of you will join us for their final performances (see below for details). 
Each year we are delighted by the creativity, thoughtfulness, and dedication our students bring to the challenge of sharing the richness of their oral history interviews through performance. Students (both graduates and undergraduates) in my seminar have been exploring how small-business owners in the Triangle and Triad experience entrepreneurship. How is it shaped by their race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and immigration status? How and why did they get started-what motivated them? How do they understand their role as a businessperson, whether in their family, their community, or the wider culture? Do they see their entrepreneurship as connected to social movements like civil rights, feminism, or environmentalism? How do they define success? Entrepreneurship is a "hot topic," whether on campus or in the news. But what do entrepreneurs really want and need to be successful? What role do they play in their communities and in the state? We think our interviews can help to start answering these questions. The interviews collected by this small group of students will provide a seedbed for what I hope will flourish into a colorful, blooming collection with a wide variety of entrepreneurs in the months to come.

--Rachel F. Seidman
Upcoming Oral History Performances

Please join us as we celebrate the end of the semester with two oral history performances!

Spring 2016 Interns
On April 28th, the SOHP undergraduate interns will stage a performance based on their interviews with the Black Pioneers, the first group of students to desegregate UNC Chapel Hill.  The performance is a culmination of the their training in oral history, using the words of their interviewees to showcase the intersection of gender and race in these Pioneers' experiences at UNC and beyond. Join us at 10AM at the Love House; more details here.

And on May 5th, students from Associate Director Rachel Seidman's Oral History Seminar will perform works based on their oral history interviews with entrepreneurs in the Triangle. This performance will be held at 4:00PM at the Love House; more details here.
Good News from the SOHP Family
Evan Faulkenbury, who has been a field scholar at SOHP for three years, has accepted a position at the State University of New York at Cortland for the fall! He'll be an Assistant Professor of History, teaching public history and U.S. history courses. In Evan's words: "I'll draw on many of the skills I learned at SOHP, such as overseeing internships, managing oral history projects, and connecting the history department to the broader community around Central New York." Congratulations Evan!

Additionally, current SOHP Acting Director Renée Alexander Craft has been selected as an inaugural awardee of the Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship! Renée was selected for her work on Digital Portobelo: Art + Scholarship + Cultural Preservationan interactive on-line collection of ethnographic interviews, photos, videos, art work, and archival material illuminating the rich culture and history of Portobelo, Panama. She will use the award to expand the project and launch a new inter-generational oral history project. Congratulations, Renée!
Faculty Affiliates Discuss Ethics

On April 15th, we hosted this semester's meeting of the SOHP Faculty Affiliates at the Love House. The lunchtime conversation focused on negotiating with interviewees: ethical dilemmas, communicating value, and honoring voice and time. Dr. Hannah Gill, Director of the Latino Migration Project and Assistant Director of UNC's Institute for the Study of the Americas, led the discussion through the lens of her experiences interviewing undocumented immigrants; and everyone was able to share their own dilemmas and seek advice. Thank you to all who attended this lively and productive discussion!

Conference Update

SOHP staff continue to make their presence known at conferences! In March, Coordinator of Collections Jaycie Vos traveled to Charlotte, NC to attend the Society of North Carolina Archivists / South Carolina Archival Association Joint Conference. Jaycie moderated the panel, "Archives Instruction and Outreach outside the Box," and heard from dozens of students and archivists across the region about community archives initiatives, oral history projects, collecting strategies, and student engagement; she is excited to bring these ideas back to the SOHP to inform the Program's work. SOHP friends and colleagues Seth Kotch and Bill Ferris each gave inspiring plenary and keynote addresses about working with southern communities and individuals to preserve their history and stories.
Publications from the SOHP Family

Check out these recent publications from SOHP Alumni!

Current field scholar Evan Faulkenbury and former intern Aaron Hayworth co-authored an article published in the current issue of the  Oral History Review, titled  "The Carolina Gay Association, Oral History, and Coming Out at the University of North Carolina."
Jessica Wilkerson
 This essay grew out of the work of the 2013-2014 SOHP undergraduate interns as they studied the history of LGBT activism at UNC Chapel Hill and conducted oral history interviews with former activists.

And former field scholar Jessica Wilkerson published an article in the current issue of  Gender & History; her essay is titled  "The Company Owns the Mine but They Don't Own Us: Feminist Critiques of Capitalism in the Coalfields of Kentucky in the 1970s" and examines women's involvement in the Brookside Mine strike of 1974.

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