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The Cleveland Restoration Society is proud to announce the release of our new book!
The Cleveland Restoration Society is happy to announce the release of our new book
The Making of Cleveland's Black "Suburb in the City": Lee-Seville & Lee-Harvard. This book, which is the first published history of these historic neighborhoods,celebrates a Cleveland success story and documents the Black community-building achievements of Lee-Seville and Lee-Harvard residents. 

Aerial view of the Lee-Harvard neighborhood (1959).

Our story starts just west of the intersection of Lee and Seville Roads, where a Black enclave took shape in the 1920s. By establishing a foothold in Cleveland's far southeastern reaches, African Americans laid the successful groundwork for this vicinity to develop as a Black "suburb in the city."

The Cleveland Restoration Society, a regional historic preservation non-profit, has worked for the past several years collecting community history, interviewing and filming residents of the neighborhood, and scouring archives and private collections for historical images that help tell the story of this remarkable place.

We will be sending out our renewals for 2020 soon. If the contact information for your city has changed, please let us know!
Do you have a community event coming up? The Heritage Home Program would love to set up an information table!
We have presentations that we can bring to your residents that include: 
  • General information about the Heritage Home Program 
  • Wood Windows: Repair or Replace
  • Planning Your Rehab Project
  • Recently Historic: Homes of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Planning an Addition to your Historic Home
  • Architectural Styles and Historic Paint Schemes
  • Green Homes/Energy Efficiency in Older Homes
  • Why Preservation: A Quick History of Historic Preservation

If you have any questions about the Heritage Home Program, please contact Abigail Enicke, Heritage Home Program Assistant, at 216-426-3103
 216.426.3116 | hhp@heritagehomeprogram.org | www.heritagehomeprogram.org
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