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The Heritage Home Program Newsletter
The Heritage Home Program welcomes Jamie Miles and Abigail Enicke
Jamie Miles is joining us as our new Preservation Programs Assistant and Abigail Enicke is our new Heritage Home Program Assistant
My name is Jamie, and I am the Cleveland Restoration Society's new Preservation Programs Assistant. I work with both the Heritage Home Program and Preservation Services (wherever I'm needed most at any given moment). I am a native Northeast Ohioan, a graduate of Case Western Reserve University's Bachelor of Art History program, and am currently working on my Master's degree in Historic Preservation at Ursuline College. I am in love with storytelling and historic architecture, and I believe that preservation is one of the most powerful tools we have to create a more beautiful and equitable built environment. In my free time, I enjoy making playlists, baking pies, ogling antiques, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the Midwest with the Sixth City Young Preservationists and Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists.
Hello! My name is Abigail Enicke, and I'm the new Heritage Home Program
 Assistant.  I'm from  south Louisiana where I received a M.A. in Public History from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Last year, I worked as a Historic Resources Specialist with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa in northern Minnesota, so don't worry-I'm used to colder weather! I love working to preserve older homes because they are a tangible, physical presence that tie us to our neighborhoods and communities and all of the people who make it special. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, cooking, laughing with my friends and family, and spending time with my chunky dog Trixie!  
Choosing Exterior Colors for a Home can be Hard!

We can assist homeowners with their exterior color choices by talking to them about appropriate color options for their homes. Colors have varied quite a bit over the years, and putting a color on a home that fits the style can make a house stand out! 

Heritage Home Program Associates, Jessica Beam and Audrey Thomas can visit homeowners and talk about colors for their homes and where to put them to make a home look brand new. Color consults can be scheduled via email or phone with Jessica Beam (216-426-3107) or Audrey Thomas (216-426-3110).
Are you interested in having the Heritage Home Program come out to your city?
We have presentations that we can bring to your residents that include: 
  • General information about the Heritage Home Program 
  • Wood Windows: Repair or Replace
  • Planning Your Rehab Project
  • Recently Historic: Homes of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Planning an Addition to your Historic Home
  • Architectural Styles and Historic Paint Schemes
  • Green Homes/Energy Efficiency in Older Homes
  • Why Preservation: A Quick History of Historic Preservation

If you have any questions about the Heritage Home Program, please contact Abigail Enicke, Heritage Home Program Assistant, at 216-426-3103
 216.426.3116 | hhp@heritagehomeprogram.org | www.heritagehomeprogram.org
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