Newsletter of the Cleveland Restoration Society's Heritage Home ProgramSM.
MARCH 2022
Marketing the Heritage Home Program in Your Community
As spring approaches and more homeowners start planning home repair projects, many residents will visit their Building and Housing Departments. Our Spring Mailing is in full swing throughout March and April, letting homeowners know about our program's availability in their community. We would like you to consider having some HHP brochures available to share. We can also come to your staff and educate them on how the program works so we can better identify homeowners that would benefit from our resources.

For information on getting brochures to your offices, contact Jessica Beam at 216-426-3107
Heritage Home Program in the Archives
In the Heritage Home Program's 30 years, there have been many articles and press releases regarding the program throughout NE Ohio. A look back in the archives found articles from the early 2000s published across Cuyahoga County!
Our archives are filled with articles and images from days past! To see more pictures from our archives, be sure to follow the Cleveland Restoration Society on Facebook and Instagram. Our #beforeandafter series has gone back to the '90s and '00s with some great images of past projects!
Upcoming Events this Month
Heritage Home Program Information Sessions and other presentations are coming up this month! For more information about our virtual or in-person events, check out our Events Calendar. Registration is required for our virtual events and can be done over the phone or through the calendar.

Our topical presentation this March is Rehab 101. This helpful presentation goes through the tips and tricks we have found in helping homeowners go from the planning stages to completion for their projects!
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