Newsletter of the Cleveland Restoration Society's Heritage Home ProgramSM.
Quarterly Reports out this month
Keep an eye out for emailed Heritage Home Program Quarterly Reports!

Wondering how your city has been utilizing the Heritage Home Program? We email/mail out reports each quarter showing the utilization of the program for your municipality. If you are interested in a detailed report, or want program statistics at other times of the year, just let us know!

Renewal letters will be going out to our participating communities with our reports this month.

If there has been a change in staff, or we should be sure to send the letter to a particular person, please let us know by contacting Jessica Beam at 216-426-3107 or
Our upcoming events are booked!
The Cleveland Restoration Society has a great Facebook and Instagram presence and you can check it out to see all of the upcoming events for the Heritage Home Program.

We have a variety of virtual and in-person regional events scheduled September - December that residents can join. Use the buttons below to check out the Heritage Home Program online calendar and the Cleveland Restoration Facebook page.

This October we have spotlighted our new Maintaining Your Home's Exterior presentation. Join us online on October 20th to learn about taking care of an older home. All homes need some care throughout the year to keep it safe and secure. We have outlined all of the items homeowners should keep in mind throughout the year when keeping up with their home!
Heritage Home Program Thanks You!
The Heritage Home Program has grown and grown over the years thanks to your support and the support of your homeowners and residents!

Thank you from: Tom, Jessica, Abigail, Linda, Dean P., Greg, Micah, Gina, Lamar, Lynice, Dean I., Marzi, Meghan, and Jamie