Sometimes when we are answering calls coming in and directing homeowners to information, we are able to jump in and help out! One of our Heritage Home Program Staff, Dani Cohen, returned a call from the daughter of a homeowner in Cleveland's Ward 4. The homeowner is 103! She needs a new roof and interior repairs due to a collapse that damaged part of the roof and bathroom below with water continuing to come in. The insurance wanted the homeowners to cover part of the expenses, but the cost was out of the budget for the family.

The daughter was frustrated because it seemed like getting it completed and safe for her mother was impossible. Dani was able to assist the daughter and mother by reaching out to the City of Cleveland to find out what resources would be available for their situation. Dani was able to speak with the Commissioner of Neighborhood Services for the City of Cleveland regarding this homeowner's situation and help both the homeowner and her daughter find resources to get her roof and bathroom repaired through the Senior Homeowner Assistance Program (SHAP) or other Cleveland Department of Aging programs.

This project and assistance is still in progress, with Dani checking in with the homeowner, her daughter, and the City of Cleveland to be able to help this homeowner get the necessary repairs complete!

Homeowners that call in for information about the Heritage Home Program might not find our financing assistance to be the best option for their situation, and we are always happy to assist with finding other resources for homeowners to get their repairs and renovations completed. On the Heritage Home Program website we have resources for homeowners looking for information about our program, but also other programs that assist homeowners throughout our participating communities.