Celebrating 25 Years of the Heritage Home Program!
The Heritage Home Program Newsletter
Looking Ahead to Renewals
Quarterly Reports and Expected Fees

Third Quarter Reports will be emailed to each city by mid-October. Reports highlight program activity in each city for the 2017 calendar year. Please contact the Heritage Home Program at hhp@clevelandrestoration.org with questions or to discuss additional marketing opportunities for the coming year. 

Regarding annual renewal fees: We anticipate a 2% increase to what your city paid in 2017. If you need a cost summary prepared prior to our formal renewal information in December, please email Heritage staff directly with your request. 
Save The Date
Cleveland Restoration Society's 2017 Benefit 

Saturday, November 4th at 5:00 pm.  
Trinity Cathedral, 2230 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

This year's benefit will highlight Cleveland's Sacred Landmarks with a wine tasting, tours and dinner at Trinity Cathedral.  

Facade #99 Features the Heritage Home Program
Celebrating 25 Years: Voices from the Neighborhood 

Click here to read an article from a family who worked with the 
Heritage Home Program to make a newly purchased 1914 
property a home of their own. 

 216.426.3116 | hhp@heritagehomeprogram.org | www.heritagehomeprogram.org
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