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Please Join Us at an Info Session Near You! 

In March, our Spring Mailings to your homeowners began.  In each mailing we advertise our informational meeting held in their area.  These information sessions are held to educate homeowners on what the Heritage Home Program offers, and to allow the homeowners a chance to have their questions answered.  If you would like to join us at a local information session, please take a look at our calendar. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Tech Talk
 Mitigating Water Damage 

Now that Spring is finally here we can walk around our houses, assess what work needs to get done, and plan our Summer gardens.  
We have a few tips on maintenance items that should be taken care of before the summer storms roll in, that will further protect your home throughout the year.  
  • Gutter Cleaning. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall.  Now is the time to get the twigs, leaves, and winter debris out of your gutters.  That way you don't have to worry about how your gutters handle the heavy Summer storms.  
  • Grading.  As you begin cleaning out your gardens for the Summer, be sure to take a look at the way the ground is sloping.  If your garden bed is sloping towards your house it is time to dig in and grade away from the house.  This will protect your foundation from an onslaught of water.  
  • Plant Placement.  When planning out your garden, it is a good rule to keep shrubbery and plants at least a foot and a half to two feet away from the foundation of the home.  Plants and shrubbery hold in moisture when they are positioned to close to the house.  This will cause moisture to build up on the siding, causing mold and mildew to form- eventually leading to damage to your siding.  
  • For further assistance with water mitigation or other maintenance issues, feel free to contact the Heritage Home Program to schedule a free site visit! To schedule, call Yasmin at 216-426-3103 or Charles at 216-426-3107.

Housing Fairs
Do you have any upcoming housing or homeowner fairs? 

Please let us know if you!  We would be thrilled to have a table available for your residents.  Please let us know dates as soon as possible, so that we can plan to be there.  Please call Charles at 216-426-3107 or Yasmin at 216-426-3103 and let them know.  
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