Newsletter of the Cleveland Restoration Society's Heritage Home ProgramSM.
JUNE 2022
Welcome to a new HHP Assistant: Jasmine!
Hello! My name is Jasmine Prezenkowski, and I am the new Heritage Home Program Assistant. I’m from Medina but found my way to Cleveland while finishing my M.A. in History with a focus on Museum Studies at Cleveland State University. I got to dig into the preservation field in Cleveland while completing my graduate certificate in Historic Preservation. Last year I put my skills to the test through the National Park Service while working at First Ladies National Historic Site. I have a soft spot for old farmhouses but have a love for all things old. In my free time I enjoy going on hikes, visiting museums, learning new skills, and attending concerts. 

Jasmine is joining the Heritage Home Program as our new HHP Assistant. She will be connecting with homeowners and letting them know about all of the great resources the Heritage Home Program has to help with their home repair projects!
Guessing about Gutters?
Gutters and their systems are important parts to every home! They help direct water away from the walls and foundation of a home. The size, shape, and material for gutters and downspouts matter when deciding what the best option is for a home, but all gutters will need maintenance to keep the water running! Even with debris or leaf guards, materials can get into a gutter and build up, causing water to flow under the roof, down the walls, and build up near the foundation.

Check your gutters at least twice a year, and after storms. Use safe work practices when cleaning and checking your gutters and downspouts - wear gloves, be safe on a ladder, and have a buddy! Start with checking the downspout at the top; that will give any standing water a way to go once you start clearing any debris. There are items like gutter scoops that can be purchased to help with clearing and help protect your hands. Be sure to check not just the visible parts of the gutter system. Any elbows may get clogged, and the below ground system can be damaged from roots, shifting ground, or clogs. Hose down the gutters when you have it cleared to make sure that everything is running correctly. Remember to check the brackets or hangers to ensure that they are secure and that there isn't any damage from storms or ice build up.
Upcoming Events this Month
Heritage Home Program Information Sessions and other presentations are coming up this month! For more information about our virtual or in-person events, check out our Events Calendar. Registration is required for our virtual events and can be done over the phone or through the calendar.

Our topical presentation this June is our ever-popular Wood Windows: Repair or Replace! Windows are an important part of every home, and sometimes they need maintenance! With our presentation, we go in to the options that homeowners have when thinking about their wood windows. A recording of this presentation can be found on the Cleveland Restoration Society's YouTube Channel.
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