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Jan. 20, 2015 

How does January zoom by so quickly? It's only just begun, but the New Year pot is bubbling over, in more ways than one! 

For one, it's Big Kids Club Launch Week! Classes are happening each day between 1 - 4pm, with a play and learning structure that engages kids, and makes learning stick. It's not too late! Your child can still join us for two fun and fabulous field trips this week! Why not take a class for FREE?

Jen and Sarah are each planning afternoon outings this week (Wednesday and Thursday), and Denet is examining the magic of winter, with her Dance and Drama class on Friday. 

Another bubble in our wealth of good fortune this week: The rumours are true! Jen has a baby in her tummy, and this week, s/he's the size of a coconut! She's now at 20 weeks and among our regular clients, it's been the worst kept secret ever. Now that it's public, we're all so excited! Jen's in the house on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will be until her due date approaches in June, so be sure to pass along your well wishes next time you're in. 

A new year's worth of new kids are integrating this month, and you may be wondering what you can do to help them adjust to the new experience. Separating ain't easy. That's why we have a blog post on the ins and outs. 

Check it out! 
A Buddings Momma! Congratulations, Jen!
Of course, we know a lot about kids and babies, but when our own Jen Labelle announced her pregnancy, we realized how much there is to learn about this preliminary stage.

For example, at 20 weeks, the baby inside her is the size of a small cantaloupe (who knew!?), and Jen will soon be able to feel his or her movements! 

Many of our readers have already been through this process, but it's all new to the Buddings teachers, and to a lot of the kids! We're so excited to follow along with Jen as she brings a new little buddy into the world!  

Fun Bubbles Over - It's Big Kids Club Launch Week!
Big Kids Club classes happen each day from 1 - 4pm, with a play and learning structure that engages kids, and makes learning stick. The Winter Season starts this week, and runs until Mar. 27, 2015. 

You're just in time to join, and we even have two fun and fabulous field trips happening this week!

On Wednesdays, Jen and the kids are "Part of the Neighbourhood," getting things rolling this week, with our season's first field trip, to  Bikes For All at 7th and Quebec. 

The program is all about exploring the services, amenities, and members of our community!

Through the winter, we have a field trip scheduled every week, and for Launch Week, it's double the fun! On Thursday afternoon, Sarah sets out on the first Alphabet Adventure of her 10-week Early Literacy program, to the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. 

The trip is made incredibly easy by our convenient location, along the 17 Oak St. bus route, which takes us there in 12 minutes flat, with only two blocks of walking! 

Want to join her for FREE? Simply email Sarah to take one of the trial spots in her class. For that matter, email any of the teachers to join a class this month for FREE, and see what Big Kids Club is all about!

The program is especially designed for our flexible centre, with no mandatory attendance or minimums. How often they come is up to you, so the more often they attend, the more they get out of it! 


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Buddings Integration: Starting It Slow
When starting new things, there are people who jump right in, and people who like to ease into it. No matter which way your child leans, integrating into the program at Buddings will be the start of games, friends, experiences, and expectations. 

It's so important to get started on the right foot!

Families new to Buddings always start with their first three hours FREE, and for children under three, or for whom separation from family is a new or difficult experience, our integration program is a great way to warm up to the idea. Plus, it's quick and painless. 

If you're wondering about taking a big first step, check out our blog post about integrating into daycare. The principles hold true for introducing any new routines. Try it, and then let us know how it works!

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