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    Spring 2017

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Awaken the Senses
Discount on Products from Emerson Ecologics.
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Resolutions
Recipe: Mini Frittata
Featured Recommendation: YogaGlo
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Awaken the Senses
On a long walk a few weeks back across the hills behind my home, I was immediately taken in by birds flitting about. Darting between trees, swooping to the snow-dusted strands of bent grass, they were zipping along the footpath around me.  A score of bird species on that unseasonably warm sunrise were proclaiming the advent of spring!

With the threat of a long, cold, snowy New England winter mostly behind us, I feel shaken out of winter and propelled forward on the birds' exuberance, pinning me to the meadow, inhaling the defrosting hillside and breathing in the morning light.
May we all find time in nature during this transition between seasons, to awaken the senses and welcome the newness & energy of spring!

Love & Light,
Drs. Amy (& Paul)

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Discount on Products from Emerson Ecologics
In an effort to make quality supplements more widely available, we maintain a virtual dispensary through our office. Products we recommend and use are listed, but you now also have access to the full inventory of products sold by Emerson Ecologics. We trust Emerson as they examine sourcing of ingredients contained in the products they carry.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Resolutions

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Resolutions: 3 Easy Naturopathic Lifestyle Tweaks
by Amy Rothenberg ND  
Our patients are all looking for new ways to approach pain and the way rheumatoid arthritis limits their lives. Some recommendations are radical; others more gentle. When we work one-on-one with individuals, we tailor treatment plans to the person before us, with regard to diet, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, healing the gut, appropriate exercise, and more body-mind approaches. Here are some gentle but far-reaching suggestions that you can slip into your life without extreme effort. These are good for most anyone living with rheumatoid arthritis; and over time these changes help reduce inflammation and promote long-term healing.


Recipe: Mini Frittata

I was thinking about how much I like a frittata, which I usually bake in a cast iron skillet. I have skillets in ascending sizes & when not in use, they sit nested in one another on my stove top. Over the years, I have picked up this sturdy, dependable, heavy in the hand pans at tag sales & refurbished with a scrub pad, a generous lathering of olive oil and some elbow grease. They house a frittata  perfectly and you can size it depending on the number of guests. I made a very small one a few weeks back just for me and then I had an idea: make some real mini-frittatas in muffin tins! With this recipe you can be very creative and use what you have on hand. One part has to do with eggs & cheese and the other with little minced up veggies and/or meats.
These are beautiful to serve for brunch or you can have friends over & let them create their own little frittata from chopped veggies and meats you have prepared ahead of time. They also freeze well. Once cooled, put in a sealed tight container. Take out as desired and if you use a microwave, one minute will warm it right up. If you don't, take out the night before to defrost & reheat for 15 minutes. Great on the go, for a high protein, quick bite or served over a long morning brunch as just one of your courses!

Featured recommendation: YogaGlo

In this space we like to share information about a product, service or organization whose work we admire.

For $18/month I find YogaGlo a great buy and easy to use tool to help my patients access yoga & mediation  classes in the convenience of home. Classes are five minutes to two hours long; at that price it's cheaper than a single class at most places. No driving, no parking, less stress! I also love it for my patients who travel and cannot maintain their healthy at-home routines. I have found the online instructors to be top-notch and love that users can choose according to their own level of experience and ability

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In health & vitality,
Amy Rothenberg ND & Paul Herscu ND, MPH
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