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See the World: The Learning and Reading Program
Discount on Products from Emerson Ecologics and Natural Partners
Recipe: Amy's Quinoa Salad
Featured Recommendation: Carr's Cider House
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Seeing the World

Over the past 30+ years of practice both Paul & I have loved working with children and families. Issues arise in physical, emotional and/or cognitive areas. If we take that last category, some of our patients present with difficulties
Seeing the World

A preschool boy might hear all the little parts of a story but not understand the whole. A high school student may be able to decode perfectly while reading and even string together the story line, but is unable to understand the theme or lesson from the chapter. A teenaged girl might misinterpret social interactions or misperceive signals from friends. A young man might be unable to follow a movie plot or perhaps is unable to appreciate humor.

Dr. Rothenberg Seeing the World from Art in the Orchard 
These kinds of issues, including the inability to generalize, to predict, to synthesize and to summarize, are part of many psychiatric and cognitive diagnoses and create all manner of challenges for individuals at school or work and within the family and community. AND, for many people this difficulty IS FIXABLE at a very deep level. I am not speaking about accommodations here, but rather FIXING the underlying issue. We hope if you know a patient, colleague or friend who would benefit from knowing about such an approach, you will send along information about Dr. Herscu's See the World: The Learning and Reading Program. Look below for details.
Sending autumn wishes for  good health and openness to change that this annual weather, at least in New England, inspires.

Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu

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See the World: The Learning and Reading Program
Dr. Paul Herscu ebook cover Dr. Herscu's b ook, See the World: The Learning and Reading Program presents a deep understanding of the issues described above and how to fix them. It's a user-friendly approach that works with little ones, school-aged kids, the college bound, and grown adults who struggle in this realm. And of course the intensity of this kind of problem can be mild to severe.

We have worked with countless patients applying and teaching this approach and know first hand how using the information provided in this book, as well as the exercises described and modeled, helps.

Discount on Products from Emerson Ecologics and Natural Partners

In an effort to make quality supplements more widely available, we maintain a virtual dispensary through our office  featuring products distributed by Emerson Ecologics and Natural Partners.
We trust Emerson and Natural Partners as suppliers for high quality supplements, herbs, and natural health and beauty products. Wellevate is Emerson's online patient dispensary, and NPScript is Natural Partners'. Products we r ecommend and use in our clinic are listed, and you also have access to the full inventory of products sold.


Recipe: Amy's Quinoa Salad

This newer grain to reach America is a real hit! It cooks fast, is loaded with protein & is easy to work with. It has a slightly nutty flavor but easily takes on the taste of ingredients around it. This salad takes about 20 minutes to make once the quinoa is cooked, which takes only about 15-20 minutes. Note that this recipe calls for a lot of chopping! I like to make it when friends or family are visiting, and get everyone in on the action with a knife & cutting board. I often keep a pot of cooked quinoa in the fridge & use that. I have also made this same salad using brown rice as the grain or faro, another high protein, similar to barley tasting, grain.

Featured recommendation: Carr's Cider House
In this space we like to share information about a product, service or organization whose work we admire. 

We had the pleasure of discovering Carr's Cider House this fall in Hadley, MA. We came home with a bottle of cider syrup, no added sugar, just apple cider boiled down to a delicious, luxurious, sweet and tangy liquid. Sitting with a glass of this syrup mixed with sparkly water, I sunk into the lit-from-within video on the Carr's website. It brings you through the first harvest of the year and the first apples being pressed in the restored and beautiful barn in an idyllic setting. I hope you'll check out the website & support this small, family owned business growing organic apples and making sumptuous, delicious products, including cider, cider syrup, apple cider vinegar, hard ciders, switchels, and shrubs - all organic, handcrafted and made with love and devotion. Enjoy! 

PS I have used their cider syrup, about 3 TBSP, in the above quinoa salad recipe!

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